EMU professor's book stresses being yourself to make a difference at work

by Ward Mullens, Published February 23, 2009

YPSILANTI — Eastern Michigan University Professor Greg Huszczo (Hus-ko) admits that he has been guilty of trying to be a perfectionist and that it sometimes gets in the way.

“I would always find a flaw in what I was planning to do instead of just moving forward and trying to help,” said Huszczo, a professor of organizational behavior and development. “I realized that when I tried to be something I wasn’t, it didn’t work that well. When I was myself, things were much easier and I felt like I was making a difference.”

Huszczo knew he wasn’t alone. If you Google, “making a difference,” you get 35,500,000 hits.  He has now written a new book, “Making a Difference by Being Yourself, Using Your Personality Type to Make a Difference at Work and in Relationships,”  (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2009).

Huszczo, who has written several books about team building and leadership, said that this book is more about helping people help others. The book focuses on identifying “who you are’ by identifying your personality type and then consciously capitalizing on the strengths of your personality to improve things at work, in personal relationships and in one’s community.

“The most important thing is to find out about the core of who you are and then live that consciously,” said Huszczo. “Figure out what you do well and how you can make use of it.”

 “We surveyed over 500 people and asked them when they felt they had made a difference at work; when they had made a difference in a relationship and when they felt they had made a difference in the community,” Huszczo said.

The results, combined with information from each participants’ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, supported that different personality types make a difference differently.

“The people in my study were not the Barrack Obamas or Oprah Winfreys; they were ordinary people, but they all made a difference in some way and that was basically by being themselves,” Huszczo said.

Huszczo has more than 30 years experience coaching and providing organizational consulting services for hundreds of organizations and their leaders in a broad range of industries. His clients include Ford Motor Company, Visteon, General Motors, La-Z-Boy, Kellogg and a variety of hospital systems.

Ward Mullens

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