College Place Roadwork Underway

by Ron Podell, Published July 13, 2010

The College Place project between Forest and West Cross is now under way and is scheduled to be completed by Aug. 22.

During this project, this section of College Place, as well as the sidewalks, will be closed. The Pease lot will be open and will become one single parking lot for faculty, student, and staff hang tag parking. The Pease lot will be accessible from Forest.

The scope of this project includes: the renovation of College Place; replacement of the sidewalks along College Place; the upgrading of the ADA ramps on the corners of West Cross and College Place; the installation of a back-flow preventer by the Ypsilanti City Utilities Authority (YCUA); and four stamped crossing areas along College Place and Forest. In addition, the small parking lot next to Pierce will be renovated and the entrance into the Pease lot from Forest will be widened.

For more information, contact Dieter Otto at 487-0306.

Ron Podell

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