Update to Pray-Harrold renovation project

by Ron Podell, Published July 13, 2010

Pray-Harrold renovation

Pray-Harrold is undergoing the most significant renovation in its history. It is currently scheduled to re-open for Fall 2011 classes.

Pray-Harrold is officially closed for renovation. Access to the building is off limits until the renovation has been completed. Please refer to the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) website at www.emich.edu/cas and go to the "Pray-Harrold transition/renovation" link for the new locations of departments formerly housed in Pray-Harrold.

The main offices for the departments of African-American Studies, computer science, English language & literature, history & philosophy, mathematics and political science will be located in the Hoyt building. The economics, sociology, anthropology, criminology,and women's and gender studies departments are now housed in King Hall.

For more information, please call the CAS dean's office at 487-4344 or stop by 202 Bowen.

Ron Podell

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