Provost Jack Kay steps down June 30, 2011

by Walter Kraft, Published April 21, 2011

Jack Kay

Provost Jack kay

To Faculty and Staff:

Provost and Executive Vice President Jack Kay has announced that he will step down from his post at the end of June. He has made this decision for personal reasons and will be returning to the classroom as a Professor in the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre Arts.

Provost Kay indicates that he is looking forward to resuming his career as a teacher-scholar and to continue contributing to the success of Eastern Michigan University.

Provost Kay released the following statement about his resignation on April 28:

Last Thursday, I notified President Martin of my resignation as Provost and Executive Vice President, effective June 30, 2011. The reasons for my resignation are personal. During the last several months I have reflected on my professional and personal pursuits, leading me to the conclusion that I need to spend more time with family. I feel that I can better serve Eastern Michigan University and myself by resuming my career as a teacher-scholar, joining colleagues in the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre Arts in the fall. I have agreed to assist with efforts to increase EMU's competitiveness in securing external grant funding as a special liaison to ORD.

We have done many good things together during the two years I have had the honor of serving as Provost. Together we took important steps to help our students become more successful, improving student retention. Together we increased our commitment to international activity at EMU, allocating over $200,000 to support competitive grants that advance international activity by our faculty and students. We successfully negotiated contracts with the EMU-AAUP and the EMU-FT and are in process of negotiating the inaugural contract with our adjunct lecturers. We received a half-million-dollar grant from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation to develop and mentor a new generation of teachers. We inaugurated important dialogues and conversations on such issues as race, diversity, and student success. We continued the strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate research by securing more stable funding for the Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Graduate Research Fair, at the same time expanding undergraduate research fellowships and increasing the stipend for graduate students. I would have liked to see greater progress in creating new academic programs and enhancing existing academic programs that show high and sustainable demand. I hope that all of academic affairs will come together as a team to support such opportunities in the future.

I have enjoyed working with President Martin and the fine leadership team that she has brought together. I have enjoyed working with all of the faculty and staff in the Provost's office. I have appreciated the relationship and interaction I have had with the Faculty Senate. I have enjoyed working with the excellent faculty, students, staff, and alumni that make Eastern Michigan University such a great place. I now look forward to working with all of you in a role that I love, as teacher-scholar. Thank you for everything.

Jack Kay

Walter Kraft

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