Chemistry professor named to prestigious American Chemical Society Fellowship

by Emily Vontom, Published October 04, 2011

YPSILANTI - O. Bertrand Ramsay, professor emeritus of chemistry from Eastern Michigan University, is one of only six Michigan distinguished chemists inducted as an American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow this past August. He was honored for his outstanding accomplishments in chemistry and his important contributions to ACS. Fellows are chosen from the fields of education, industry and government.

"The Society is especially proud to honor these chemists during the 2011 International Year of Chemistry," said ACS President Nancy B. Jackson. "Their work will improve lives as they unleash the power of chemistry to solve global challenges. They're also mentors to the next generation of scientists."

Ramsay, who joined Eastern in 1965, focused his research on the history of stereochemistry, a branch of chemistry dealing with the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms and molecules and their effects. Ramsay was also active in the teaching and development of tools for chemical information and revival.

Ramsay has made several important contributions to the educational and industrial communities, including the invention of a chemical calculator. His calculator has helped to revolutionize chemistry education. The invention also has won numerous awards, including the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Award.

He is currently working on an application for the chemical calculator, so that it can be used on the iPhone and similar operating devices.

Founded in 1875, the American Chemical Society is the world's largest scientific society with more than 163,000 members. ACS is a leading source of authoritative scientific information for chemists, chemical engineers and other related professions.




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