Historic preservation faculty, staff, students to transport more than 1,500 special books from Lansing to Eastern Michigan University

by Pamela Young, Published October 27, 2011





at Eastern Michigan University


Historic preservation faculty, staff, students to transport more than 1,500 books donated by State of Michigan to EMU's program

 Even in the age of the Internet, there always is a special place for hardcover books - even several truckloads. EMU faculty, staff and students will be bringing back more than 1,500 books on architecture and fine art, thanks to the generosity of the State of Michigan.

WHO:  Ted Ligibel, director of Eastern Michigan University's Historic Preservation program, and a volunteer crew will make a run up to the State of Michigan Library in Lansing to load up more than 1,500 special books about architecture and fine arts.

WHEN: The caravan leaves EMU, Friday, Oct. 28, at 8:30 a.m. from the bridge connecting the parking deck and Student Center.  The vans should arrive back at EMU by 5 p.m.  Groups of volunteers will then unload the more than 1,500 books. Unloading takes places at the loading dock, behind the Bruce T. Halle Library, off Oakwood St.

WHAT: This is a rare opportunity for the program to increase its holdings in the Historical Preservation Special Collection at EMU's Bruce T. Halle Library. These books will greatly add to the students and graduates' research and training.

WHY:  The State of Michigan is deaccessioning its books and donated them to EMU's Historic Preservation Program. EMU's program, one of the largest in the country, is nationally known for the quality of its graduates.  Students in the program and graduates are active in restoration projects throughout Michigan and other states.

For more information, contact the media relations program at Eastern Michigan University, 487-4400.



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