Statement from Eastern Michigan University on closing of its Flint site after 2012 winter semester

by Geoff Larcom, Published February 03, 2012

Eastern Michigan University plans to close its Flint site at the end of the Winter Semester. The reason is that the number of courses and enrollment in courses at the Flint off-campus site has significantly decreased in recent semesters, to the point where in Winter 2012 EMU is offering only a single course, with an enrollment of nine students.

Eastern has a rich history in Flint, dating back to the 1950s, when the city wanted to start a community education program in its public schools. Frank Manley, a physical education graduate from EMU, was hired to direct such a program.

With the help of Manley, EMU started offering masters degrees in community education at Flint Community College, which now is Mott Community College. EMU has been a presence in Flint ever since.

"We're saddened that the need for us to serve the Flint area is not there any longer," said Walter Kraft, vice president of communications at Eastern. "EMU, and the College of Education in particular, has enjoyed a rich history in Flint, educating students in the area since the 1950s."

The EMU Department of Leadership and Counseling, with support from the College of Education and from Extended Programs and Educational Outreach, will begin planning to ensure the students enrolled will be accommodated so they can complete their graduate degrees.

"We encourage Flint-area residents to continue to take advantage of online classes at EMU," said Kraft. "Online programs have continued to expand at Eastern and remain a good opportunity to pursue a degree." Information about online programs can be found at



Geoff Larcom


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