EMU College of Business publishes journal on global business communication

Professor David Victor oversees first journal published by the college; articles focus on rapidly changing nature of communication

by Geoff Larcom, Published February 08, 2012

The Eastern Michigan University College of Business has taken a deep look at the rapidly changing yet increasingly interactive nature of global business communication in the first professional journal ever published by the college.

The new "Global Advances in Business Communication (GABC) Journal" was overseen by David A. Victor, a professor of Management and Director of EMU's International Business Programs. The journal was published jointly with the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and the Technological University of Malaysia.

 Victor served as Editor-in-Chief, with Paul Verluyten of the University of Antwerp and Hadina Habil of the Technological University of Malaysia serving as Associate Editors. The journal's editorial review board consists of 20 of the field's foremost experts from 11 countries.

 In commenting on the new journal, Victor said, "It is very gratifying to see the publication of this inaugural issue of the GABC Journal. As the field of global business communication comes into its own, it is hoped that this journal, the first of its kind, will serve as a home for research in this area by bringing together work from the multiple research streams that make up this new and exciting field."

 "The journal offers tremendous insight about a variety of important subjects regarding communication and growth in the international business environment," said David Mielke, Dean of The College of Business. "The journal also underscores the global emphasis and reach of the faculty and curriculum in the EMU College of Business."

The GABC Journal publishes original research on interdisciplinary business practices that shape and are shaped by the changing nature and level of global business communication. The journal covers five research streams:

  1. International and cross-cultural business communication and negotiations
  2. Global integrated marketing communication (IMC) and public relations
  3. Global business ethics and communication (including international law, and government-business relations)
  4. Languages for business and managerial communication
  5. E-Semantics, that is, the study of cross-cultural, language-based international issues associated with new media, search terms, string searches, web design, web site user friendliness, and Internet and electronic advertising.

The first issue was produced at EMU's Halle Library, with assistance from Tara Lynn Fulton, Dean of the University Library, and Information Services Librarian Julia Nims.

Of particular importance is the first journal's leadoff article, a groundbreaking panel discussion of global business communication from multiple perspectives.  The panel, interviewed by Victor, consists of 16 experts from across the many fields covered by this intentionally interdisciplinary journal. The panel included experts not only in business communication itself but extending to a wide range of other areas, including management, integrated marketing communication, finance, foreign language for business and professional purposes, English, and business ethics.

 All of the panelists are experts in their fields and serve on the editorial review board of the journal. The panel also consisted of experts from universities in a wide range of national settings, as befits a truly global journal based on three continents. In all, experts based in 10 countries contributed: Belgium, India, Finland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Turkey and the United States.

The other articles feature topics such as advances in business communication, the impact of English language proficiency on Chinese expatriates overseas assignments, the effects of culture and education on ethical responses and foreign language careers in international business.

The journal can be found at http://commons.emich.edu/gabc/



Geoff Larcom



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