Message from the Division of Information Technology

by Information Technology, Published February 12, 2012

On Friday evening (2/10/12), the university initiated an upgrade to the EagleMail system. The upgrade has had some unintended effects for some users that may affect your use of EagleMail. Your choice of browser is particularly relevant.

Below are recommendations regarding how to remedy issues you might encounter as we work to develop a systemic solution applicable for all campus users.

Accessing EagleMail:  If you still access email via the my.emich menu, you should instead go directly to the email login website ( This will prevent the my.emich screen timeout (set at 10 minutes) from dropping your email session and requiring you to log back in.

Keyboard latency:  There have been instances reported of screen display not keeping up with keyboard typing. This keyboard latency is predominantly occurring with users accessing EagleMail using Internet Explorer. Corrective action is a top priority but until corrected we recommend Mozilla Firefox as your primary browser.

Changing from the standard HTML format: The standard view format for EagleMail is now the HTML version. If you prefer the previous format, you can either change this temporarily at the EagleMail login screen (by selecting the "Advanced - Ajax" version) or permanently from the EagleMail preferences tab (under "General - Login Options").

Further updates will be posted on the EMU and IT website and via collegewide email notices as necessary. If you encounter other difficulties or have additional questions regarding EagleMail during this upgrade, please contact the Help Desk at 487-2120 (Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-5pm).

Walter Kraft


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