Top 10 improvements over the past 10 years at Eastern Michigan University according to campus poll

Beautification of campus, new Student Center, safety and security, and Ethos Week just to name a few

by Debra Johnson, Published February 16, 2012


YPSILANTI - The opening of the Student Center, Ethos Week, and aesthetic improvements to campus are among the top 10 improvements at Eastern Michigan University over the last 10 years, according to a poll of EMU faculty, staff and students. 

Working with the Division of Communications, the Institutional Accreditation Team asked members of the campus community to vote on what they thought the top 10 improvements are over the past 10 years. More than 300 responses were received in the online poll.

The top 10 improvements over the last 10 years were (in no particular order):

  • EMU Student Center - Since it opened Nov. 6, 2006, the EMU Student Center has become the new hub of activity on EMU's main campus. Eastern Echo readers voted it the "Best Place to Hang between Classes." Within the facility, there are a wide range of eateries, the EMU Bookstore, Chase Bank, two art galleries, meeting and conference space available for booking, an auditorium for movies, live performances and guest lectures. Additionally, students will find many EMU student services, programs and organization offices all under one roof.
  • Ethos Week - College of Business - EMU's Ethos Week is the first of its kind offered by any business school in the country. This annual event occurs in March, and its purpose is to promote business ethics and to further ethics education. In 2006, the faculty of the College of Business decided it wanted to develop a strong statement of the ethics and values that represents the spirit of the college. The resulting Ethos Statement, lists six values as the core for the college: integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, respect, learning and work ethic.
  • Improved IT - EMU Information Technology has put in over 500 wireless access points around campus, allowing improved high-speed data along with voice and video for people's hand-held devices. More computing technology, was added within the data center located in Pray-Harrold, including upgrades to the servers, banner system and other connective systems. In addition, more interactive classrooms, allowing faculty to blend technology into a curriculum, have been added.
  • Campus Beautification - Considerable thought and planning went into the overall beautification and improvements completed around campus. Among these, sidewalk improvements have increased the flow and functionality for the campus community, especially when traveling from east to west. And, the use of natural materials typically found in our geographic area such as boulders, trees and hills were incorporated into the overall landscape plan.
  • Online Business Services - Online enhancements were completed to increase the business services offered to the EMU community and to improve the general accounting for the university. Online billing, payroll and direct deposits, PaymentNet (PCards) and web time entries are some of the upgrades that have helped improve the business and customer service to the campus community.
  • Need-base Financial Aid - The Office of Financial Aid continues to provide over 70% of the EMU student body with financial aid. With recent State of Michigan cuts affecting many of the financial aid programs, EMU increased the need-based university grant program to over $3 million in the last three years. The match funding to the Federal Work-Study program was also increased to allow many more on-campus student jobs.
  • Academic Projects Center - As a collaborative project between Halle Library, the Writing Center and the Information Technology Division, the Academic Projects Center (APC), located in the Halle Library, was launched in 2008 to provide students and faculty with a one-stop venue for writing, technology and research support.
  • University Marketing and Branding - Fresh marketing and branding initiatives were rolled out to the university community, with a key emphasis on telling a clear, consistent and creative message. As part of the overall marketing plan, a new brand tag line "Education First" was created and has been blended into the signage, billboards, radio and television ads and social media outlets in and around our campus community.
  • Service EMU - The one-stop office in the Service Center at EMU provides a convenient and centralized office, offering students a multitude of services within one location. Staff is trained to handle questions about Records and Registration, Student Business Services (Cashiers and E-bill) and Financial Aid.
  • Campus Safety and Security - The EMU Department of Public Safety assumed a more prominent role on campus and within the surrounding campus community, in part due to the support and involvement and from the Regents, the President, faculty and students. As part of these initiative, the Department increased its staffing with more officers on campus, with improved technology, were able to increase the number of cameras around campus to more than 400 and added new locking systems on many resident hall doors.

For more, watch the EMU Top 10 Improvements Video




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