Gently used prom attire being collected for local students in need

by Emily Vontom, Published February 22, 2012

Eastern Michigan University students are collecting prom dresses and other formal wear to help students in local schools who are struggling to purchase clothing for their upcoming proms.

Students Emily Gillingham, Courtney Restau, Susan White and Courtney Williams, from the women's and gender studies program, are using their capstone seminar course as a community outreach initiative to help local students in need.

The formal wear will be collected from March 5 through March 9, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Student Center across from Chase Bank. A donation box is also located in the Women's Resource Center in room 356 of the Student Center.

Students will not be charged for the formal wear; instead they will be encouraged to donate food, personal items and money to women's shelters. After delivery of the formal wear, volunteers will be available to advise students on hair and makeup.

"We are working with students at local schools who may or may not have the best living situations and won't be able to afford new prom dresses or suits for their proms," said Gillingham. "We want to show these students that they can help others, too, though. We are enabling them to do something good in return."

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