EMU announces sabbatical leave awards to faculty members

Research to range from engineering to Autism to nurse faculty shortage

by Pamela Young, Published March 01, 2012

Eastern Michigan University has awarded 15 sabbatical leaves to faculty members for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Faculty leave awards may be used for artistic, scholarly and creative activities, community service, professional development, program development or research. Awardees are granted a two-semester leave at half pay, or a one-semester leave at full pay.

The faculty awardees are:

One Semester Awards

  • David Clifford, health sciences. "The Development of Cross-Organizational and Cross-Sector Collaborative Action and Collaborative Leadership."
  • Carol Haddad, technology studies. "Information and Communications Technology Use Among Arab Women: Toward a Model of Empowerment."
  • Xiaoxu Han, mathematics. "Novel Subnetwork Identification Algorithm Development and Network Marker Meta-Analysis in Computations Systems Biology."
  • Shel Levine, health promotion & human performance. "Exercise Cardiology."
  • Lois Mahoney, accounting & finance. "An Examination of the Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Strategic Alliances: A Canadian Investigation."
  • Steven Ramold, history & philosophy. "After Appomattox: How the Civil War Really Ended."
  • Martin Shichtman, English language & literature. "Knight-time in America: Masculinity, Chivalry, and the Golden Age of Fraternal Organizations."
  • Christine Smith Tanner, communications, media & theatre arts. "The Phantom of the Opera: Dramaturgy, Directing, and Arts Integration Project."

Two Semester Awards

  • Leslie Atzmon, art. "The Visual Power of Hebrew Letterforms in Torah Scrolls and Micrographic Texts."
  • Diane Fox, nursing. "The Nurse Faculty Shortage: Case Studies."
  • Pamela Lemerand, health sciences. "The Development of an Interdisciplinary Autism Spectrum Disorder Training Program for Parents and Professionals."
  • Frances Elaine Martin, political science. "Gender and the Judiciary."
  • Martha Tanicala, nursing. "Nursing Workforce Development through Community Service at Imperial Hospital Limited and Imperial College of Nursing in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Jianhua Wang, engineering technology. "Developing Engineers for the Global Economy."
  • Marjorie Ziefert, social work. "Defining Human Needs as Human Rights in Social Work Practice: Cuba as a Case Example."




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