Eastern Michigan University awards research fellowships to undergraduates

Topics in stimulus research program range from costume design to prostate cancer to macrofossils

by Pamela Young, Published April 17, 2012

Eastern Michigan University students and faculty will explore such diverse topics as the effects of high fructose corn syrup intake to costume design for Shakespeare's popular play, Pygmalion, with help of $20,000 in fellowships and awards approved by the EMU Board of Regents during its regular meeting April 17.

Eastern Michigan will award 12, $2,000 research fellowships to a group of outstanding undergraduates and 10, $500 awards to faculty for research and creative projects for summer 2012.

The awards, part of the annual Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program, are designed to facilitate research partnerships between undergraduates and EMU faculty mentors.

The undergraduate award is in the form of a credit to the student's university account. In addition, collaborating faculty mentors may use their award for lab/studio supplies or equipment, professional travel or other professional expenses.

The student award winners and faculty mentors include:

1.     Haley Cavanaugh (majoring in individualized studies program). "Costume Design for Pygmalion (Michigan  Shakespeare Festival). Faculty mentor: Melanie Schuessler, Department of Communication, Media and Theatre Arts.

2.     Elaine Gurich (majoring in music and German). "Innovative Approaches to Teaching German Grammar and Understanding Musical Inspiration with the Brothers' Grimm Online Corpora COSMAS." Faculty mentor: Margrit Zinggeler, Department of World Languages.

3.     John Hopkins (majoring in chemistry). "Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry: Developing a Tool for Rapid Analysis of Ancient Food Residues." Faculty mentor: Ruth Ann Armitage, Department of Chemistry.

4.     Danielle Hulvey (majoring in geology). "Genetic Markers for the Identification of Unisexual Ambystoma Salamanders." Faculty mentor: Katherine Greenwald, Department of Biology.

5.    Kara Marsac (majoring in geology). "Investigation of Problematic Early Paleozoic Macrofossils using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis." Faculty mentor: Steven LoDuca, Department of Geography & Geology.

 6.     Mark J. Miller (majoring in nursing). "Prostate Cancer, Gay Men and Their Partners: A Phenomenological Investigation." Faculty mentor: Michael L. Williams, School of Nursing.

7.     Nicole Richards (majoring in psychology). "The Relationship Between Parental Care and Communication and Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes in Emerging Adults." Faculty mentor: Heather Janisse, Department of Psychology.

8.     Lois Vasquez (majoring in chemistry and biology). "Testing Efficacy of a Constructed Wetland to Filter Common Water Pollutants Through Ion Chromatography." Faculty mentor: Heather Holmes, Department of Chemistry.

9.     Alyssa Winkler (majoring in biochemistry). "Stereoselective Synthesis of Acyl Pyrrolidines." Faculty mentor: Maria C. Milletti, Department of Chemistry.

10. Erica Mouch, Leonita Tomaj and Alyssa Walz (majoring in dietetics). "The Effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup Intake on Basic Physiologic Measures." Faculty mentor: John Carbone, School of Health Sciences.


Pamela Young

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