Eastern Michigan professor elected to board of national occupational therapy association

by Emily Vontom, Published June 05, 2012

Amy Lamb, an assistant professor in the occupational therapy program at Eastern Michigan University, was elected vice president for the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

"I am honored to serve in this capacity," Lamb said. "I look forward to leading the strategic planning of the Association and mobilizing my professional network to move occupational therapy forward."

Lamb will serve as vice president through 2015 as an ambassador for occupational therapy across the United States. She will help to bring awareness to the profession through education and policy implementation in her new role.


Amy Lamb

"Our role in wellness and prevention is growing and this is an area I intend to focus a substantial amount of time to," Lamb said. "Occupational therapists have the ability to teach people how to age in place, live well with or without chronic conditions and work with people across the lifespan to live healthy lifestyles."

Lamb's interest in her new position was due in large part to the strategic planning duties that would be involved. She has been involved in strategic planning and implementation throughout her career - both in professional and volunteering capacities.

Said Lamb: "I have been fortunate to have a wide variety of experiences that have allowed me to use my strategic planning abilities ranging from the clinic to business ownership and development to academia."

Lamb has been part of AOTA since 1998 when she became directly impacted by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. She lost her occupational therapy position because of legislation. As a volunteer, she worked on advocacy efforts with AOTA staff and her involvement from then on continued to grow.

Lamb became the chair of the AOTA Political Action Committee in 2007 and has Region IV director of the committee since 2005. She is also the chair of the wellness and prevention subgroup of the presidential health care reform ad hoc committee.

"Service has been a key theme in my career," said Lamb. "I am grateful to good mentors who saw something in me before I knew it was there and invited me to network, opened doors and supported me along the way."

Lamb's dedication and passion for occupational therapy have driven her career and have helped her become the leader and educator she is today, she says. Her leadership in AOTA has given her insight into the profession that continues to help drive her.

"The next AOTA Vice President confidently lead the effort to answer the questions: where will occupational therapy go after 2017?" Lamb said. "What an amazing opportunity to serve the profession and ensure occupational therapy's vitality for future generations."


Emily Vontom

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