Eastern Michigan University increases international outreach; strengthens relationship with China's Wuhan University

by Cherese Colston, Published June 08, 2012

Eastern Michigan University recently signed several new agreements with China's Wuhan University International School of Software to provide students and faculty with new academic programs and an international center.

The dual-degree programs will be offered in economics and modeled after the previous agreements in the geographic information systems (GIS) and computer science programs.

"Each institution makes the content, the culture and the language more accessible to students, teachers and researchers," said Elisabeth Morgan, director of international initiatives for EMU's College of Arts and Sciences. "That adds an intangible dimension to our understanding of what it means to be a global citizen."

One of the new opportunities for EMU students includes conducting research at the Chinese government-funded Joint International Center of EMU and Wuhan. Morgan says the next step is to encourage EMU students to go to Wuhan to take courses as a part of their degree in economics, computer science or GIS. This opens up the chance for students and faculty from both universities to share and compare globally. 

Wuhan students will be required to take two years of courses at Wuhan, located in Hubei Province's capital, before transferring to Eastern to complete their degree on EMU's campus. The courses at Wuhan will be taught in English. The students will then return to Wuhan to receive their degree from that university.

These agreements are the latest development in the five-year relationship between the two universities. Administrators say the mutual respect and trust developed from past agreements have created several opportunities for continued understanding.

"The more we work together, the more we understand one another," said Morgan. "Knowing that we have a strong partnership with Wuhan in this venture is very satisfying."

The signing took place during a reception at the University House. Representing EMU were President Susan Martin and Tom Venner, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Representing Wuhan were Yixin Shi, professor and dean of the International School of Software, Fuling Bian, professor, and Xiaoliag Meng, office administrator for the Joint International Center. Also present were several EMU department heads and faculty members from economics and computer science.

For more information on the Wuhan agreements, please contact Betsy Morgan at emorgan@emich.edu.

Wuhan University was established in March 2002 and has since become of the top ten schools in China. The university offers opportunities in basic research and application development in areas including software and digital engineering, information security and digital art design.

Cherese Colston

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