Ribbons around EMU campus a Veteran's Day reminder of Michigan residents who died serving our country in Iraq, Afghanistan

by Geoff Larcom, Published November 09, 2012

A group of Eastern Michigan University student veterans has been placing 255 yellow ribbons with special significance on trees around campus this week.


Each yellow ribbon lists the soldier's name, hometown, date of death and operation the warrior was involved in.

Each ribbon honors one of the Michigan "warriors" who died in the Iraqi or Afghanistan operations, known respectively as Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Each ribbon lists the soldier's name, city of residence, the operation they were involved in, and the date of death.

Ida Mollett, Director of  Veterans Student Services at EMU, is leading the effort. She and other student veterans have been tying the large, plastic yellow ribbons in visible places, so that students and staff can pause, read and reflect as they walk around campus.

Mollett calls the ribbons "silent reminders" that send the message to appreciate the profound sacrifice the "warriors," as Mollett calls the soldiers, have made.

"You're going to class, but someone else your age is not, because they paid the ultimate price," Mollett says.

The ribbons will stay up during the weekend, through Sunday's Veteran's Day and until Tuesday. Mollett can be reached for comments on the project at 734-545-5179.

Eastern Michigan University, named by GI Jobs Magazine as one of the nation's most military friendly universities, is home to one of the largest veteran student populations in the state of Michigan.

The University's mission is to assist student veterans in meeting the requirements to receive their educational benefits.  EMU's Vet Connect Program extends in-state tuition to veterans throughout the country.

For more information, please visit http://www.emich.edu/veterans/



Geoff Larcom



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