Eastern Michigan Presidential Scholar, world traveler enjoys first year of college

by Emily Vontom, Published November 08, 2012

Mohammad Siddiqui, 18, has traveled the globe. In his life, he has lived in Pakistan, Dubai, Salt Lake City, Chicago, and, finally, Canton, Mich.

Siddiqui is now settled at Eastern Michigan University as a freshman. He is majoring in psychology and biology in the pre-med track and hopes to be a psychiatrist. He is also one of the recipients of Eastern's prestigious Presidential Scholarship.

The Presidential Scholarship is an elite four-year award that pays 30 credit hours per academic year of in-state tuition, housing food allowance and mandatory fees.

"I have always wanted to explore the world," said Siddiqui. "I am looking forward to traveling abroad a lot. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to not worry about the financial aspect of paying for classes, but to work and save money to experience the world around me."

Siddiqui loves the University and is grateful for the professors and people he has met. He is thankful for the research opportunities he will receive as an upperclassman, he says.

"There are opportunities for research which allow for out-of-class experience instead of going to classes and being forced to just go with the course," he said. "You get to be passionate about what you love."

Siddiqui's experience at Eastern has been one that every freshman student dreams of - from the scholarship, to the residence halls to enjoying football games. He is vice president of Downing Hall's Leadership Advisory Board, on the Residence Hall Association's program board and he keeps a part-time job at Rite-Aid Pharmacy.

"The highlight of my first year at Eastern so far has to be the first football game when all of my friends go together and went as a group," Siddiqui says. "It was amazing to see so many people just happy and enthusiastic about their school. It was an experience I will never forget."

Presidential Scholars are selected during EMU's annual Presidential Scholarship Competition. Awards are based on a competitive exam. To compete, high school seniors must have either a 3.7 GPA, with a minimum of a 25 ACT or 1,150 SAT score. Each scholarship winner must also complete a successful interview.




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