Eastern Michigan graduates create iOS app to help with mileage tracking

by Emily Vontom, Published January 21, 2013

Millions of Americans lease their vehicles and many have little idea as to where they stand on mileage during the life of their lease.

Tracking mileage can be tedious, but now, two Eastern Michigan University graduates can help. LeaseCrunch is an app developed by Jordan Brown (BS10, journalism) and Ross Johnson (BS07, social science) and made for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) that can help track a leased vehicle's mileage.

"It's a pretty simple concept," said Brown, who, along with Johnson, created the Ann Arbor based start-up Spork, LLC. "You punch in your lease terms and then anytime you update your mileage, the app tells you if you're over or under based on where you should be in the life of your lease."

LeaseCrunch was released in March 2012. Nearly 500 people have already purchased the app, which costs just $4.99 to purchase from the iTunes store. According to Brown, the app is totally worth the price.

"If you lease a car and have an iPhone, you want this app," Brown said. "It's as simple as that. It's worth the price to know whether or not you're going over on your mileage and how to adjust your driving habits accordingly."

Brown thought of the idea for the app while considering leasing a car and dreaded the idea of keeping track of mileage in a spreadsheet.

"Mileage obviously isn't something I wanted to ignore," said Brown. "That's when I decided that I wanted the ability to do all of this in the palm of my hand. As an iPhone user, an iOS app was the obvious solution."

To purchase the LeaseCrunch app, please visit the iTunes store. For more information, you visit the LeaseCrunch website or contact Jordan Brown via email at brownjordanm@gmail.com.





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