Eastern Michigan University's provost announces recipients of New Faculty Research Awards

Winners to receive a total of $69,920 for research in various fields

by Melissa Ardery, Published February 19, 2013

YPSILANTI -  Eastern Michigan University has awarded $69,920 to 15 new faculty to support research and creative projects. The awards were approved at the Board of Regents regular meeting Feb. 19.

The Provost Research Award for New Faculty program is sponsored by Kim Schatzel, provost and vice president for academic and student affairs.

The recipients will study topics such as forecasting seasonality of software vulnerability; predicting movie box office performance with social media; and determining dietary patterns and risk for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

The competitive awards are up to $5,000 each and allow faculty, in their first or second year of teaching, to execute carefully designed research or creative projects. The awards are designed to establish a research agenda that will make faculty more competitive for external funding. Awards must be used during the 2014 fiscal year. 

"These awards provide crucial support for new faculty," said Schatzel. "We're laying the groundwork that will help them become stronger, more innovative researchers and more competitive when applying for external funding."

The Provost Research Award winners are:

  • Damir Cavar (English Language and Literature). "Natural Language Processing for Linguistic Annotation of Text Archives
  • Xiangdong Che (Technology Studies). "Build a Virtual Testbed to Simulate Cyber-Ecosystem."
  • Michelle Hersh (Biology). "Seed Pathogens in Fragmented Landscapes"
  • Heather Hutchins-Weise (Health Sciences). "Food Preference Survey to Determine Dietary Patterns and Risk for Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women"
  • Sandra Jackson (Music & Dance). "Commissioning and Performance Project for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble"
  • Ingo Janser (Chemistry). "Turnable Functionality of α, β-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds: Development of Novel Pharmaceuticals"
  • Rhonda V. Kraai (Special Education). "Access to Communities of Faith for People with Disabilities"
  • Rusty McIntyre (Psychology). "The Stereotype Threat of Social Exclusion: How Being Ostracized Increases the Pressure to Perform in Situations Assessing Social Worth"
  • Chong Oh (Computer Information Systems). "Movie Tweets: Predicting Movie Box Office Performance with Social Media"
  • Tierney Ann Orfgen (Technology Studies). "Perceived Accountability in the Workplace - Extension and Explanation of the Role of Perceived Accountability in Workplace Outcomes"
  • Yaman Roumani (Computer Information Systems). "Forecasting Seasonality of Software Vulnerabilities Using an ARIMA Model"
  • Theresa Saunders (Leadership & Counseling). "The Cost of Change: SIG Funding in the EAA"
  • James Saunoris (Economics). "The Economic Impacts of Intergovernmental Transfers"
  • J. Michael Scoville (History and Philosophy). "Flourishing: Its Meaning and Ethical Significance for Environmental Ethics"
  • Sarah E. Shea (Social Work). "Evaluation of the Effects of Specialized Reflective Practice Training on Infant Mental Health Practice and Supervision"

For more information go to, Provost's New Faculty Award



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