Eastern Michigan University grants Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program Awards for Winter 2013

by Debra Johnson, Published February 19, 2013


YPSILANTI - Topics including the study of solar flares and dust storms on Mars, DNA breakpoints in the Human Fragile Site FRAXB and problematic foods in post-bariatric patients will be explored with the help of $19,000 in Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards approved by the Board of Regents during its regular meeting February 19.

Eastern will award eight $2,000 fellowships to a group of undergraduates in support of their research efforts with their faculty mentors, and each project can receive $500 to be used for lab/studio supplies or equipment, or other professional expenses.  

The awards are part of the annual Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program, which is designed to facilitate research partnerships between undergraduates and Eastern faculty mentors. The fellowships are awarded by the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.  

The undergraduate student awards recipients and faculty mentors include:

  • Sarah Burke (majoring in Chemistry). "Development of a New Class of Inhibitors of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1." Faculty mentor: Cory Emal (Department of Chemistry).
  • Hector Figueroa (majoring in Biochemistry). "Running Interference on Protein Aggregation: The Effects of Non-specific Peptide Inhibitors." Faculty mentor: Deborah Heyl-Clegg (Department of Chemistry).
  • Lauren Fowler (majoring in Psychology). "An Examination of the Relationship of Problematic Food Types to the Development of Substance Use Disorder in Post-bariatric Surgery Patients." Faculty mentor: Karen Saules (Department of Psychology).
  • Andrew Frailing (majoring in Computer Science). "Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving." Faculty mentor: William Sverdlik (Department of Computer Science).
  • Catherine Kaminski (majoring in Pre-Medicine). "Determining DNA Break Points in the Human Fragile Site FRAXB." Faculty mentor: Anne Casper (Department of Biology).
  • Jeffrey Nicholas (majoring in Music). "Suite for Piano." Faculty mentor: Joel Schoenhals (Department of Music & Dance).
  • Darin Smith (majoring in Art). "Samburu Innovations." Faculty mentor: Gretchen Otto (Department of Art).
  • Ashley Taylor-Voss (majoring in Physics). "Global Model Simulations During Solar Flares and Dust Storms at Mars." Faculty mentor: David Pawlowski (Department of Physics & Astronomy).



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