Eastern Michigan University ranked one of the country's most affordable schools

by Debra Johnson, Published April 16, 2013


YPSILANTI - In 2010, Eastern Michigan University led the way as one of the nation's most cost conscious colleges when it froze tuition, room and board and fees with its 0%, 0%, 0% campaign.

Since then, the University has continued to offer lower tuition costs with only a $32 per credit hour increase or 2.86% per year over the last four years, which was the lowest percentage increase among the State's fifteen public universities.

This tuition restraint and other factors have recently earned Eastern a ranking of 54th out of 350 colleges for its affordability among the larger public colleges by Affordable Colleges Online. There were 15 metrics used in the ranking, including tuition, admission rates, enrollment total, average grant dollars per student and average scholarship per student.http://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/

AffordableCollegesOnline compiled its list using data sets from:

  • Carnegie Classification System, is widely used in the study of higher education, both as a way to represent and control for institutional differences.

Affordable Colleges Online focuses on providing prospective students with information about affordable colleges options, financial aid and cost saving ideas.

"There are a slew of rankings and lists that promote the most expensive colleges," says Dan Schuessler, founder of Affordable Colleges Online. "Our lists look at value colleges that also provide an excellent education. These schools are much more affordable for a wider base of students. In a time when the cost of college continues to skyrocket and student debt balloons, it is important to promote more affordable options." 



Debra Johnson

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