Eastern Michigan University named 'Top College in Michigan' for future military service members

ROTC programs cited for extensive academic offerings

by Debra Johnson, Published August 20, 2013


YPSILANTI - Eastern Michigan University was rated number one in the state of Michigan for its ROTC programs for future service members according to The College Database, a provider of educational information for students and parents across the country.

The database ranked Eastern Michigan first, based on affordability and its ROTC programs for Army, Navy and Air Force. Each college or university on the list offers at least two ROTC programs to active students, as well as in-state tuition below $20,000 per year.

"Everyone talks about service members using their GI Bill to go back to school, but rarely do people discuss current students using college to join the service," said Wes Ricketts, vice president and general manager of The College Database. "Colleges with ROTC programs give students a great opportunity to not only to explore military service but to gain valuable leadership skills coveted by employers."

The College Database used the following criteria to identify its top Michigan colleges for service members:

  • At least two ROTC programs (Army, Navy, and/or Air Force)
  • In-state tuition less than $20,000 per year
  • 4-year, degree-granting institutions
  • Private, for-profit colleges excluded

The College Database is a not-for-profit organization whose stated goal is to provide free information about educational options both nationally and locally to students, parents, and other interested parties.  To read more about the online ranking, visit the The College Database

Visit the EMU ROTC hompeage for more information about Eastern's ROTC programs.

Debra Johnson

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