Student Body President Desmond Miller offers 10 reasons why students enjoy EMU

Record freshman class finds much to like about Eastern

by Geoff Larcom, Published August 29, 2013

YPSILANTI – More and more students are coming to Eastern Michigan University, which this fall will enroll the largest freshman class this fall in the University's 164-year history.  

Desmond Miller

What are the reasons for such growth, during a time when many universities are losing students? EMU Student Body President offers his perspective in listing his 10 favorite things about Eastern Michigan.

1. The Student Body

EMU's student body is comprised of some of the most talented and gifted individuals I have ever gotten the chance to meet. I learn something new everyday just by being surrounded by my peers.

2. President Susan Martin

Our university is lucky to have a dedicated leader who cares about our institution. I speak to student leaders from different colleges all the time, and they are astounded by how involved and how much President Martin cares about not only the University but also those associated with it as well.

3. Student Organizations

We have over 200 student organizations that are passionate about the mission of their group.

4. Student Center

When the building was designed, it's clear that students were kept in mind. With its comfortable chairs, couches, and services, the Student Center is a beneficial building for students.

5. EMU Board of Regents

It's rare to have a group of regents like EMU has. Our regents clearly care about enhancing the student experience and making sure the University is the best it can be.

6. Fajita Fest

It's such an important event that allows students to see what student organizations the University has to offer. It's at this time that students really get a taste of what it's like to be involved on campus. 

7. Faculty

I have yet to meet a faculty member that didn't like his or her job or love EMU. Our faculty members love what they do and truly go to great lengths to ensure that students are the best versions of themselves.

8. Campus Tour Guides

Our amazing tour guides are the reason why I came to the university. They sell the school so easily and make you feel already apart of the EMU family.

9. The Lake by the Student Center

Who hasn't sat by our beautiful lake right outside of the Student Center? It's beautiful to look at and be around at any given time, day or night.

10. Atmosphere

There's something about the EMU atmosphere. We have a vibe that no other school can match. Once you set foot on the campus, everyone makes you feel welcome. Faculty, staff and students are all friendly, personable and love the campus, and that rubs off on you. 



Geoff Larcom


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