Eastern Michigan's president, provost kick off efforts to promote a healthy campus with first flu shots of the season

by Pamela Young, Published September 16, 2013

It only takes a quick poke, but that injection may save you from the complications of the seasonal flu, a virus spread by coughing, sneezing and close contact.

 Eastern Michigan University’s Snow Health Center is gearing up for the flu season by offering vaccinations both at its clinic and at various campus sites.

 To start off the campaign, EMU president Susan Martin and Kim Schatzel, provost and executive vice president of academic and student affairs, will receive their flu shots Wednesday, Sept. 18, 8 a.m. at Snow. The media is invited to attend.

 “The president and provost are demonstrating that they support a healthy campus,” said Ellen Gold, assistant vice president for student well being. “The flu is unpredictable. It usually appears in early October, so everyone over six months should be vaccinated.”

 It’s also essential for people with chronic illnesses to be vaccinated, she said. It takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect.

 “People always ask why should they get a flu shot when they had one last year,” Gold said. “Flu viruses are always changing and each year’s vaccine is made to protect from viruses that are most likely to cause disease that year.”

 The best times to get vaccinated at Snow are Monday – Friday, 9 - 10:45 a.m.   The clinic will be open Wednesday until 7 p.m. No appointments are needed. Call the health service at 734-487-1122 for more information.

  WHO:   Eastern Michigan University President Susan Martin and Kim Schatzel, provost and executive vice president of academic and student affairs.

  WHAT:    The president and provost will be the first ones on campus to receive the flu vaccine

  WHERE:   Snow Health Center on Eastern Michigan’s campus

  WHEN:     Wednesday, Sept. 18, 8 a.m.

  WHY:       To encourage the campus community to be vaccinated and help promote a healthy campus.

Media invited to attend.


Pamela Young

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