July 29, 2014

EMU panel to discuss triumphs and setbacks of Barack Obamaâs presidency on Feb. 4

by Emily Vontom, Published January 29, 2014

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Barack Obama’s triumphs and setbacks during his second term as president will be discussed at a non-partisan, panel discussion on Tuesday Feb. 4 at Eastern Michigan University. The event, hosted by EMU’s Department of Africology and African American Studies, will start at noon in the Student Center, room 310.

The theme for the discussion is “President Obama’s Second Term Agenda: Highlights, Separation of Powers and Political Gridlock.”

“This year’s theme is a follow-up to the dramatic political developments that have occurred since the beginning of the president’s second term,” said Victor Okafor, head of the EMU Department of Africology and African American studies. “Obama’s emergence and re-election as president represented watershed moments in not only African American history, but also in American and global history in general.”

Panelists will discuss a variety of topics, ranging from domestic and foreign policy to questions about how the president has fared in implementing his second term agenda. Audience members will also be able to ask their own questions.

The panel members include:

  • Barbara Patrick, assistant professor of political science at EMU
  • Betty Brown-Chappell, retired professor of social work at EMU
  • Ravi Perri, assistant professor of political science at Mississippi State University
  • E.L. Cerroni-Long, professor of anthropology at EMU
  • Sherry Johnson, assistant professor of English at Grand Valley State University
  • Patrick Pieh, part-time lecturer in the Department of Africology and African American Studies at EMU
  • Solange Simoes, associate professor of women’s and gender studies at EMU
  • Victor Okafor, head of the Department of Africology and African American Studies at EMU

The panel will be a critical and yet non-partisan examination of the president’s second term and will help mark Black History Month on campus, says Okafor who will moderate the panel discussion.

“It provides an intellectual assessment of the presidency that’s hardly possible through the mass media, due to ideological biases,” said Okafor.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Victor Okafor at 734.487.3460 or via email at vokafor@emich.edu.

Emily Vontom



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