The art of bending wood, fighting bacterial resistance in antimicrobial peptide and studying the patterns in microbial through a watershed among research project

Eight undergraduate students at Eastern Michigan University and their faculty mentors receive Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program Awards

by Debra Johnson, Published March 25, 2014


YPSILANTI – The Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents unanimously approved the Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program Awards for winter 2014 at its March 25 board meeting.

The Division of Academic Affairs will award eight students and their faculty mentors the 2014 winter term Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program Award.

The Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program is intended to facilitate research partnerships between undergraduate students and Eastern Michigan University faculty. Student awardees will receive a $2,000 fellowship in support of their research efforts, and the collaborating faculty member may receive $500 to be used for lab/studio supplies or equipment, professional travel, or other professional expenses. 

Awardees and their proposed projects are listed below:

  • Morgan Callewaert (majoring in biochemistry). “Determining Microsatellite Variation in Three Species of Megistostegium.” Faculty mentor: Margaret Hanes (Department of Biology).
  • Philip Elugbemi (majoring in biology). “Synthesis of Novel Peptide Mimics as Inhibitors of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1).” Faculty mentor: Cory Emal (Department of Chemistry).
  • Carly Evich (majoring in psychology). “Evaluating the Clinical Utility of the Malignant Self-Regard Questionnaire Among Clinical Populations.” Faculty mentor: Steven Huprich (Department of Psychology).
  • Melissa Judd (majoring in art). “The Art of Curves: Experimentation in Bending Wood.” Faculty mentor: John DeHoog (Department of Art).
  • Halley Marconnay (majoring in biology). “Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Microbial Community Composition and Function throughout a Watershed.” Faculty mentor: Kristin Judd (Department of Biology).
  • Yeji Park (majoring in biochemistry). “Fighting Bacterial Resistance: Hydrophobic Aromatic Modifications in a Linear Antimicrobial Peptide.” Faculty mentor: Deborah Heyl-Clegg (Department of Chemistry).
  • Yuan Ross (majoring in chemistry and biology). “Toxiodynamics of Ethacrynic-Acid Derivatives: Therapeutic Implications in Modifying the α,β-unsaturated Carbonyl Unit of Organic Compounds in Drug Synthesis.” Faculty mentor: Ingo Janser (Department of Chemistry).
  • Jumanah Saadeh (majoring in biology). “The Epigenetic Basis for Reproductive Isolations.” Faculty mentor: David Kass (Department of Biology).

To read more, visit the Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program Awards homepage


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