Eastern Michigan University students to host "Don't Call for a Good Time"

Lay down that phone!

by Amber Ratliff, Published March 31, 2014

YPSILANTI- With the rise of technology, websites, and social media apps, there’s a feeling that today’s millennials are disconnected and dehumanized. Eastern Michigan University students want to change that by inviting the community to participate in an evening of unplugging called, “Don’t Call for a Good Time.”

The event will take place in the EMU Lake House on April 10, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The evening is hosted by a group of Eastern students as part of a challenge from professor Cynthia Gabriel, who teaches Social and Cultural Change, a course in social behaviors, at EMU.

The event is designed to help students, faculty and staff to feel comfortable to interact with each other without the distraction of cellphones and social media. The evening will include free food and entertainment, and opportunities to connect with friends free from technology.

“We are around people all day long without ever really interacting,” said Destany Parker, a junior at EMU and a coordinator of the event. “Not engaging with each other causes people to feel disconnected from society, and that can lead to more people becoming introverted.”

Gabriel, a lecturer in sociology, anthropology and criminology, challenged her students at the beginning of the 2014 semester to create social change within the EMU community. As a result, six students, committed to bringing awareness about the need to unplug more often, developed an evening free from technology.

For more information about the event, please contact Destany Parker at dparke19@emich.edu.


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