Eastern Michigan University student to face off against competitors for charity on the hit show, "The American Bible Challenge"

by Amber Ratliff, Published May 21, 2014

YPSILANTI- Jessica Taber, an Eastern Michigan University student, will test her skills and knowledge on May 22 as a contestant on the hit game show, “The American Bible Challenge."

EMU senior Jessica Taber, left, with teammates Rochelle Visser and Brittni Hill, of Team We're In Tents. (photo courtesy of GSN website)

Taber (aka Red Thunder), a senior at EMU, along with teammates, Rochelle Visser (Spitfire) and Brittni Hill (Heartbreaker), will compete on the popular game show as Team We're in Tents, in an attempt to win money for Camp Michawana, where they work as counselors. Contestants compete using their physical skills and knowledge of the Bible and the Christian faith. The show is hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Grammy winner Kirk Franklin.

"We had no idea we would actually make the show," Taber said. "My friend called me after she heard the casting call on the radio. Driving to Cleveland to audition was a last minute idea. We decided to try out because if any one of us would be on a trivia show, what better topic for us than the Bible. Because of our faith, we spend a lot of time reading and studying the Bible."

The tournament will begin with 18, three-person teams - three teams in each of the first six episodes. Winning teams advance to play in two semi-final games. During the final round, one team will be named champions of "The American Bible Challenge."

This season's show will feature new games that test the teams' spiritual and physical talents with such categories as "Christ or Klingon," in which contestants have to guess whether words are from the Bible or Star Trek's Klingon language, and "Nazareth Enquirer" with sensational Biblical headlines that could have appeared in tabloids.

Taber's team will play for the charity, Camp Michawana, a summer camp located in Hastings, Mich., near Grand Rapids, where children spend a week enjoying outdoor recreation as well as learning about the Christian faith. Many of the children attending come from difficult backgrounds and face challenges in their personal lives. The camp is an opportunity for them to take a break and have some fun.

Michawana awards $50,000 in scholarships each year to underprivileged children. A majority of the campers attend on scholarships.

“Even though working countless hours and making little money is not very glamorous, I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the campers’ lives,” said Taber. “I look forward to the camp all year. My teammates, our camp staff and I provide positive influences for these kids who are dealing with the pressures of middle and high school. Many campers say this is the best week of their year. To have an opportunity to win money for the children is so exciting.”

Taber, who is from Grand Rapids, became involved with the camp as a toddler when her parents worked as counselors. She became a camper herself in the third grade and has attended every summer since.

After being a counselor for the past five years, Taber is now a director, which allows her to have more involvement with the children, while helping them make the most out of their week-long stay.

 “The American Bible Challenge” airs on the Game Show Network.  




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