Eastern Michigan University grants $30,000 in Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards for Summer 2014

by Amber Ratliff, Published July 02, 2014

YPSILANTI- From body composition and weight management to DNA extraction and predicting solar wind data, EMU undergraduate students will explore these topics and many more with the help of $30,000 in Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards.

Eastern will award 15 individual students and one group of five students with $2,000 fellowships. The program is designed to facilitate research between undergraduates and faculty mentors. The fellowships are awarded by the office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

The undergraduate student award recipients and faculty mentors are as follows:

  • Ethan Braun, Katelyn Briolat, Brianna Fassezke, Keith Kraker, Sarah Percy (all majoring in dietetics). “The Effect of Raspberry Ketone Supplementation on Body Weight, Body Composition, and Substrate Oxidation in Healthy, Overweight Adults.” Faculty mentor: John Carbone (School of Health Sciences).
  • Philip Ewing (majoring in professional chemistry). “Development of Block Copolymers for Aqueous Catalysis.” Faculty mentor: Gregg Wilmes (Department of Chemistry).
  • Jeffrey Flegal (majoring in engineering physics). “Quantifying the Predictability of Solar Wind Data.” Faculty mentor: David Pawlowski (Department of Physics & Astronomy).
  • RaKeenja Fluellen (majoring in Biochemistry). “Iterative Design and Synthesi of Novel Inhibitors of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1.” Faculty mentor: Cory Emal (Department of Chemistry).
  • Linda M. Harrison (majoring in anthropology). “Reconstructing Ancient Diet: Stable Isotope Analysis of Human Dental Calculus from an Early Medieval Merovingian Population from Northern France.” Faculty mentor: Megan K. Moore (Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology).
  • Marisa C. Hildebrandt (majoring in biology). “DNA Extraction and Analysis to Determine Biotype and Ploidy of Ambystoma Salamanders.” Faculty mentor: Katherine Greenwald (Department of Biology).
  • Brittany M. Jewell (majoring in professional biochemistry). “Modeling Inhibitors of the PAI-1 Protein.” Faculty mentor: Maria Milletti (Department of Chemistry).
  • Linda Jochum-Owczarzak (majoring in health administration). “Perception Influences Performance.” Faculty mentor: Alankrita Pandey (Department of Management).
  • Nathan Kilian (majoring in biology). “Resolving the Phylogenetic Relationship of Peromyscus using SINEs.” Faculty mentor: David Kass (Department of Biology).
  • Hieutrung Nguyen (majoring in information assurance). “Wearable Hacking Unit.” Faculty mentor: Xiangdong Che (School of Technology Studies).
  • Alexa Salsbury (majoring in biochemistry/toxicology). “Feline Leukemia Virus: Subtype Insertion at the c-Myc Gene.” Faculty mentor: Heather Holmes (Department of Chemistry).
  • Valerie Sponyoe (majoring in biology). “Effect of Common Fragile Site Flexibility Peaks on Mitotic Recombination in S. cerevisiae.” Faculty mentor: Anne Casper (Department of Biology).
  • Michaela Steinbacher (majoring in nursing). “Understanding Why Cardiac Patients Do Not Attend BRIDGE Transitional Care Appointments.” Faculty mentor: Sherry Bumpus (School of Nursing).
  • Susan Vivier (majoring in engineering physics). “Studying the Transition to Chaos and Building Chaotic Demonstration Circuit.” Faculty mentor: Ernest Behringer (Department of Physics & Astronomy).
  • Samantha White (majoring in exercise science). “Anthropometric and Physiological Implications of Delayed Menarche.” Faculty mentor: Andrew Cornett (School of Health Promotion and Human Performance).
  • Brandie Yambrosic (majoring in biochemistry). “Creating an Enantiomerically Enriched Starting Material for the Construction of Pharmaceutical Building Blocks.” Faculty mentor: Harriet Lindsay (Department of Chemistry).


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