Summer camp at Eastern Michigan University will teach middle and high school students about computers

by Amber Ratliff, Published July 30, 2014

YPSILANTI – Middle and high school students will get hands-on experience and learn the basics about computers at the Digital Inclusion summer camp on Eastern Michigan University’s campus.


Students building a computer

The camp will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 4-7 in room 101 Boone Hall. The camp is open to middle and high school students with a separate session for both age groups.

The cost of the camp is $200 per student and for an addition $50 equipment fee, participants will learn how to build a computer and then have the opportunity to take home the computer they built. Other things a student will learn include:

  • How to install hardware and software components
  • Operating systems
  • Understanding the relationship of hardware and software
  • Updates and drivers
  • Security and troubleshooting
  • Data cleaning and wiping

The camp is sponsored by Extended Programs, a program offered through Eastern that brings the classroom to students through various extension sites outside of EMU’s main campus, including online learning opportunities.

“It’s an opportunity for middle and high school youth to learn a new and useful skill,” said Bia Hamed, the program manager for Extended Programs at Eastern Michigan. “Kids in today’s society typically already have a basic understanding of computers, so why not take their knowledge to a higher level? How great would it be to have your own child trouble shoot and fix the family computer?”

Digital Inclusion, located in Sill Hall on EMU’s campus, is a technological training program intended to train youth in grades 6-8. By providing education and the skill set needed to rebuild computers, students have an opportunity to fine-tune a skill that can be an asset to them in the future.

For more information, visit the Summer Camp and Digital Inclusion homepage or call Bia Hamed at 734-487-0407.

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