Oct. 7, 2002
Contact: Pamela Young

Eastern Michigan Professor Offers Advice on Achieving A Loving Relationship in His New Book, "Love Without Fear."

YPSILANTI - Can a person achieve a fulfilling relationship? That's the question explored in a new book, "Love Without Fear, A Path Through Pain to Peace," by Eastern Michigan University sociologist Larry Kersten. The book deals with the four stages of love and how couples can learn to love successfully.

"An increasing number of people fear love, which is why many people see it as a form of give and take," said Kersten. "Romantic love, for example, causes us to govern our lives more from our hearts than by our heads. It is based on feelings, which tend to come and go over time. Most turmoil caused by these various levels of love can be diminished when the ultimate level - transcendent love - is achieved."

Transcendent love is built on more solid ground and motivated more by actions than feelings, added Kersten. To function at the level of this type of love, a person must sometimes push feelings into the background in order to live up to his or her responsibilities.

Kersten teaches a popular course, The Sociology of Love, which will be offered at EMU in spring 2003. He is an experienced marriage counselor and the author of numerous other books on relationships.

He has both a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Michigan and a PhD in family sociology from Wayne State University.