June 20, 2000

CONTACT: Ward Mullens




YPSILANTI - The 2000-01 general fund operating budget of $163,000,143 was approved for Eastern Michigan University by the EMU Board of Regents at its regular meeting today (June 20).

The budget is a $9,000,115 or 5.8 percent net increase over the prior year. The budget is based on an anticipated 7.4 percent increase, to $88.0 million, in the state appropriation, and approval of a 3.0 percent increase in tuition and fees for undergraduates. The proposed tuition rate increase coupled with enrollment increase will yield an additional $2.59 million in tuition revenues.

The budget strategy is consistant with the budget strategy approved in November 1999. That strategy proposed an operating budget of $161.5 million, an increase of $7.5 million or 4.86 percent over the 1999-00 budget. The FY2001 appropriation requested, $87 million, was an increase of $5.1 million or 6.2 percent over the FY2000 appropriation.

The $9 million additional funding will be allocated to: provisions for compensation increases ($4,418,775); composite benefit rate increase ($1,653,946); continuing education ($1,379,695); scholarships and financial aid ($858,598); provision for debt service ($318,558); provision for maintenance ($200,000); provision for program development ($150,000).

The board also approved the 2000-01 auxiliary fund operating budget amounting to $32.34 million. This represents an increase of $2 million over the 1999-00 budgeted revenue, or an increase of 6.1 percent. The revenue variance is a result of the Housing and Dining Services 3.9 percent room and board increase, an increase of 120 residents and increased Dining Services sales.

The total budgeted operating expense is $27.57 million, an increase of $1.37 million over the 1999-00 budgeted expense, or 4.9 percent. The increase in expense is due to price and wage increases.

The total net of operation is $5 million.

Housing and Dining Services plans to expend $3.02 million for maintenance and renovation projects in 2000-01. Of these projects, $952,050 is non-capital renovations, the balance being capital improvement. Funding for these projects will be $952,050 from 2000-01 operations and $2.07 million from plant maintenance reserve.


The regents also approved:

A three percent tuition increase

The board approved a 3 percent tuition increase for resident undergraduates. The increase is consistent with the guideline for limiting the tuition and fee increase to 3 percent as specified in the FY01 Appropriation bill.

The general fee will increase from $18 per credit hour to $20 per credit hours. The additional funding will be allocated to designated student services. Registration fees remain unchanged at $40 per semester.

Resident tuition for those enrolled in lower-level undergraduate courses will increase 2.89 percent, or 50 cents per credit hour, to $102. Resident tuition for upper-level undergraduate courses will increase 3.13 percent, or $1 per credit hour, to $109.25.

Tuition and fees for the composite resident undergraduate (those enrolled in 30 credit hours) will be $3,740, an increase of $105 for the 2000-01 academic year.

Tuition for resident graduate students will increase $3 per credit hour, to $160 per credit.

Non-resident tuition will increase 3.51 percent, or $7 per credit hour, to $272 for lower-level undergraduates and will increase 4.07 percent, or $10 per credit hour, to $310 for upper-level undergraduate courses.

Non-resident graduate tuition will increase 3.51 percent, to $360 per credit hour.

Tuition for resident doctoral students will be maintained at the $196. Non-resident doctoral tuition will increase 3.08 percent, or $10 per credit hour, to $410 per credit hour.

Room and board rates increase

The board approved a 3.9 percent increase for room and board at Eastern Michigan University for 2000-01. The cost increase for the academic year will amount to $189.

The increase will help housing and dining meet a planned increase in residence hall occupancy of 120 students; meet budgeted apartment occupancy of 83 percent; meet debt payment obligations; fund basic facilities needs; maintain current level of service and maintain the reserve fund balance at a minimum of $1 million.

EMU ranks fifth among state institutions for room and board rates.


General Fund Scholarships and grants

The board approved the 2001-02 General Fund Scholarships, Awards and Grants proposal for $8,143,727.

The proposal includes programmatic changes for undergraduate students including: funding for five additional Presidential Scholarship Awards and an increase in the ROTC Service Award. Increases are requested for 4.6 additional women's athletic grants-in-aid and two additional out-of-state differential awards.

Programmatic changes for graduate students include: adding five additional graduate fellowships.


Stipend adjustment for graduate assistantships and doctoral fellowships

The board approved a 5 percent increase in graduate assistant stipends and doctoral fellowships beginning with the 2000 fall semester.

The total average stipend, tuition and fees for a resident student (based on 18 credits) will increase from $9,352.25 to $9,767.27. The total average stipend, tuition and fees for non-residents will increase from $12,826.25 to $13,367.27.

The total average stipend, tuition and fees for a resident doctoral fellowship will increase from $20,682 to $21,433. For non-resident doctoral fellowships the increase is $1,111, or $29,137.

Graduate assistant compensation consists of a stipend, tuition scholarship and selected benefits including registration and general fees.