Nov. 14, 2000

Contact: Ward Mullens



YPSILANTI &endash; The Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents authorized a two part plan at its Nov. 17 meeting that will reassign the vacant house once used as the president's residence for student housing and will include a new University House to be located on the west campus, just south of the Convocation Center.

The existing house, located at 600 Forest Avenue, was evaluated and determined to be inadequate to provide the type, quantity and quality of space required to support the multiple duties, responsibilities and activities of a 21st century university and university president. The main concern was space. The main floor of the residence, the only non-bedroom space, is 1,560 square feet and consists of five rooms.

Evaluation of alternative purposes other than student housing included conversion to an alumni house, a faculty/staff house, and an in-take center for admissions. After evaluation, there was unanimous support for reassignment as student housing. The housing department concluded that the residence could easily accommodate 16 students. Plus, the cost to convert the house to student housing is significantly less than the alternative uses.

The approved plan will transfer the house to the auxiliary fund at fair market value (approximately $347,407) in return for an equal amount in housing reserves. The proceeds would be used to help finance a new University House where the president will reside. Housing would operate the unit as an on-going concern until such time that the property would be needed for a future academic building or an alternative use.

The site for the new house, the northern portion of the property formerly owned by Cleary College and acquired by the University, was selected after several sites were evaluated. Long considered a desired parcel of property by the University, it was purchased because of its strategic value, said Patrick Doyle, vice president for business and finance for EMU.

"When we were looking for a site for the University House, it surfaced as an ideal location compared to the alternative sites that were being considered," said Doyle.

The Regents also approved the following planning schedule:

o Continue and conclude research on recently built University Houses at other campuses (November/December).

o Select an architect and develop a program statement for the facility (December/January 2001).

o Design house and establish a budget (January/April 2001)

o Identify funding source(s) (January/May)

o Seek final board approval to proceed (June 2001 board meeting)

o Occupancy July 1, 2002

In other Board of Regents business:

o The regents approved a revised method of selection, length of term and number of members for new and existing Charter Schools.

The Board of Regents will appoint initial and subsequent academy board of directors. The director of the EMU's charter school office shall recommend nominees to the board based upon review of application for public school academy appointment. Under exigent conditions, and with the approval of the president of the University, the director of the University's charter school office may appoint a qualified individual to an academy board.

The length of term of each member of the board of directors of a charter school will be three years, except that of the original members first appointed.

The number of academy board members shall not be fewer than five nor more than nine, as determined by the Board of Regents.

This change applies to the eight existing charter schools authorized by EMU.

o The regents also approved the appointment of Janet Adelmann to a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the Ann Arbor Learning Community.

Adelmann is pursuing her BBA in accounting at EMU and is employed as a bookkeeper at Angel Food Cage and Catering in Ypsilanti.


o The board approved was an official University Statement on Campus Violence.


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