JUNE 15, 2000

Contact: Karen Sanborn




YPSILANTI -- Michigan high school students will enjoy a unique learning experience this summer at Eastern Michigan University. The University will host three of the Michigan State Board of Education Summer Institutes for high school sophomores and juniors. Students will live in a residence hall while they explore contemporary thinking and cutting edge technology at a higher level and faster pace than during the regular school year. Some of Michigan's best artists, researchers, business and industry experts and educators will lead the classes.

Daily activities at the institutes range from lively group discussions, research, lab and field experiences, to simulations, arts production and performances. The facilities are state-of-the-art, the classes are very small and the interaction is dynamic. Students were nominated earlier this year and selection into the institutes was made during Talent Development Week - April 24, 2000.

EMU will host the following institutes:

Dawns of a New Era: Perspectives - June 25-July 8. During this institute students will gain skills to succeed in the new millennium. Participants can choose from the following intense topics: Leadership 2000, Digital Television, Music Expression, Trial in the Classroom, Law and You, Journalism, Forensics, Multimedia Production, Communication and Human Relationships, Musical Theatre, Photography.

E-Commerce: Business in a New Era - July 16-22. This institute offers students in-depth study of business technology as it relates to electronic commerce. Participants will learn how to build a web site and how to collect and evaluate business data.

E-Journalism: Media in a New Era - July 16-22. Classes will learn the theories of online journalism and apply this knowledge to produce an online newspaper.


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