Jan. 8, 2003
Contact: Pamela Young

Seminar to Explore Effects of Turkey's Quest to Join European Union

YPSILANTI - Can a country that straddles both Europe and the Middle East successfully enter the European Union (EU) or would it mean the end of Europe? That's the crucial question facing EU countries in their debate on whether to admit Turkey, a secular Muslim country, into the organization.

The importance of Turkey worldwide and the ramifications of joining the EU will be the focus of a conference, "The End of Europe? What Does Turkey's Entry into the European Union Mean for Europe and the Rest of the World?" Wednesday, Jan. 22, 5:30-8:30 p.m., 202 Porter, Eastern Michigan University. A reception immediately follows.

"One of Turkey's longstanding goals has been to join the European Union, so the country is making significant structural reforms to comply with EU guidelines," said Selva Staub, Ph.D., conference coordinator.

"Our panel of experts will discuss recent political developments in Turkey as well as examine the economic, educational and cultural ramifications of Turkey's membership in the EU."

Panelists include journalist Andrew Finkel, a Knight Wallace Fellow at the University of Michigan, who will cover "The Changing Relationship Between Politics

and the Media." Finkel was based in Istanbul, Turkey for more than 10 years and has reported for The Economist, The Times, Time Magazine, the Daily Telegraph and CNN.

Atilla Yaprak, Ph.D., will address "Whether or Not the EU and Turkey Make a Good Match." Yaprak is professor of international business and marketing at Wayne State University.

Asim Erdilek, Ph.D., will discuss "Implications of the New Justice & Development (AK) Party Government for Turkish-EU Relations and For Inward Foreign Direct Investment from the EU and Elsewhere." Erdilek teaches international trade, finance and business at Case Western Reserve University.

Joanna Scott, Ph.D., will examine "EU Policies with Respect to Turkey's Admission to the European Union." Scott is a professor of political science at Eastern Michigan University.

Aydin Cecen, Ph.D., will speak on "Globalization, Erratic Growth and Human Capital in Turkey." Cecen is director of the Center for International Trade & Economic Research at Central Michigan University.

Dogan Koyluoglu, Ph.D., will present "Economic Roots of AKP: The Evolution of Islamic Capital in Turkey." Koyluoglu is coordinator of the master of public administration program at Eastern Michigan University.

The free seminar is sponsored by Eastern Michigan University, The University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University. For more information, call Selva Staub at or call 734.487.3090.