Nov. 19, 2002
CONTACT: Ward Mullens

Eastern Michigan University Regents
Approve Capital Outlay Request

The Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents approved a fiscal year 2004 capital outlay budget request for two priority building projects, at its regular meeting, Nov. 19.

The two projects are the modernization of the Pray-Harrold classroom building at an estimated cost of $41,384,475 and the renewal of the Mark Jefferson science building, at an estimated cost of $46,942,870.

If granted by the state, the University’s cost share for the Pray-Harrold project would be $10,346,119, while the cost share for the Mark Jefferson project would be $11,735,717. The total cost share for both projects would be $22,081,836.

“Both projects have been identified as critical needs of the University,” said Patrick Doyle, vice president for business and finance. “An exceptional learning environment requires facilities that can accommodate the technologies that are now woven through every discipline. Both of these buildings were constructed before the technology revolution and need to be updated.”

Pray-Harrold opened in 1969 as the state of Michigan’s single largest classroom building. For the past 33 years the building has been utilized at capacity servicing approximately 10,000 students each instructional day.

Mark Jefferson was built in 1970 and serves as the home for departments such as biology, chemistry and psychology.

The program statement for renewal of Pray-Harrold involves turning it into a 21st century, technologically-central learning facility, Doyle said. As for Mark Jefferson, Doyle said the scope of this project will focus primarily on infrastructure including mechanical systems, duct work, fume hoods, lighting systems electrical systems and exterior improvements. Also included are scientific instrumentation, furnishings and technology.

If the projects are approved, the University’s 25 percent funding match would likely be funded through the sale of bonds, said Doyle.