March 12, 2002
CONTACT: Carol Anderson


YPSILANTI - Salt Lake City is again the site of winter games, but this time it's the 2002 Paralympic Winter Games for the disabled, which are through March 16.

Some 1,000 athletes from 36 countries will be competing for gold, silver and bronze medals in a variety of sports including ice sled hockey and alpine and Nordic skiing.

Eastern Michigan University's Michael Paciorek, of Novi, has been involved with the paralympics since 1990.
Paciorek isn't a participant, nor is he disabled, but he did write the book on disability sports.

The book, entitled "Disability Sports and Recreation Resources" (Cooper Publishing Group, LLC, 2001) is a handy companion for anyone who wants to learn more about the 44 organized disability sports and how to get involved.

"Sports participation helps many people deal with their injury, especially those people who acquired their injury later in life," said Paciorek.
Paciorek was the assistant coordinator of disabled athlete participation in the 1990 and 1991 U.S. Olympic Festivals and a staff member on the 1992 U.S. disabled sports team at the Barcelona Paralympic games.

At EMU, Paciorek is a professor of adapted physical education and program coordinator for physical education teaching.
The book also covers such sports as hunting, scuba diving, bowling, basketball, football, racquetball, quad rugby, and equestrian events.

The paralympic games were first played in 1960 and took on the official title of Paralympic Games in 1988. Since the 2000 Australia games, any city bidding for the Olympics must also host the Paralympic games.