May 10, 1999

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YPSILANTI &emdash; Eastern Michigan University's Centers for Corporate Training has received the prestigious ISO 9002 registration, making Eastern Michigan the only accredited university program in the Northern Hemisphere to be certified.

The program was audited under the ISO 9000 standards, a globally-recognized quality standard established by the International Organization for Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland, and adopted by more than 90 countries worldwide. Businesses preparing to break into the international marketplace must now be ISO accredited, an evaluation that certifies a business' overall quality and effectiveness.

"This quality award means we've met the same standards that apply to elite businesses and we've proven that in the quality field, a higher-education institution can do this," said Walter DiMantova, director of the Centers for Corporate Training, which includes the Center for Quality and the Center for Organizational Risk Reduction.

"It's rare for a university to earn its certification. The Center for Quality helps businesses improve productivity and prepare for the rigorous ISO 9000 accreditation. We felt that because the Center helps businesses prepare for their audit, we needed to meet those same standards. ISO certification will be expected within three years of any company providing service to businesses, especially the automobile industry."

To earn the ISO designation, a company's quality system must be audited by an independent qualified auditor who works for an authorized ISO registrar. Eastern Michigan's program was evaluated on 21 areas including overall management responsibility; continuous improvement; quality planning; inspection and testing; training; and document control. Companies generally spend one year preparing for the audit and the majority do not pass on the first try, said DiMantova. This was the Center for Corporate Training's first audit. Periodic audits will follow.

About Eastern Michigan University's Centers for Corporate Training

Eastern Michigan University's Centers for Corporate Training is one of the premier University-based training operations in the United States. The Centers provide more than 100 different programs in quality and productivity improvement, occupational health and safety, hazardous waste and hazardous materials management, environmental protection, industrial relations, skills assessment and enhancement and organizational development, leadership, management and supervision.

The Center for Quality, was founded in 1983 to provide high quality statistical methods training to the automotive industry. Its clients include the Big Three automotive firms and suppliers like Eaton Industries, OJ Transport, Detroit Diesel and Motorola, health care providers and manufacturers of glass, plastics and pacemakers. The center has also provided services to organizations in Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Germany, Singapore and South Korea.

Eastern Michigan University, located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is a comprehensive public institution with 23,000 students. It remains the country's leading producer of K-12 educational personnel. Eastern Michigan is celebrating its Sesquicentennial this year.