AUGUST 8, 2001

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YPSILANTI - Some 120 Eastern Michigan University men and women student athletes led the Mid-American Conference (MAC) Honor Roll for the 2000-01 academic year.

"These athletes demonstrate how EMU is developing outstanding, well-rounded individuals who excel in both the academic and sports arenas," says Paul Schollaert, provost and vice president of academic affairs. "We are very proud of these men and women who led the MAC for the first time ever."

To be eligible for the honor roll, an athlete must obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher and earn a letter for the current season. EMU athletes ended the scholastic year with a department-wide GPA above 3.0. The next closest school was Ball State with 106 athletes making the grade.

Student athletes represent a number of different majors ranging from teaching mathematics and history to international management and criminal justice as well as sports medicine and nursing. They represented a variety of sports including baseball, football, golf, swimming and diving, track and field, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, cross country, softball and tennis. Freshmen and transfer students are not eligible during their first year on campus.

Eastern Michigan University ( is a four-year, comprehensive metropolitan university committed to the needs of its students and communities through teaching, research and service. EMU offers more than 200 programs in the arts, sciences and professionals through traditional classroom settings, on-site continuing education classes and online courses. EMU is the fifth largest university in Michigan, serving 24,000 students from around the world and offers undergraduate, graduate, specialist, doctoral and certificate programs.

Eastern Michigan University Mid-American Conference Honor Roll Athletes



Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Greg Anglin 3.26 History/Teaching Ypsilanti, MI

Jesse Cogswell 3.5 Mathematics/Teaching Pinckney, MI

Caleb Coon Jr 3.00 Marketing Battle Creek, MI

Chad Jenkins 3.87 Mathematics/Teaching Caro, MI

Todd Moore 3.38 Management Toledo,OH

Tony Palazzolo 3.15 Undeclared Sterling Heights, MI



Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Cory Annett 3.78 Exercise Science Fort Erie, Ontario

Rich Chorak. 3.00 Criminal Justice Chicago, IL

Kenny Christian 3.04 Criminal Justice Arcadia, FL

Walter Church 3.75 Mathematics Ypsilanti, MI

Elliott Daniels 3.75 Business Administration Park Forest, IL

John Grabowski. 3.22 Marketing South Holland, MI

Brandon Lewis 3.81 International Mgmt. Sacramento, CA

Josh Martin 3.71 Undeclared Cincinnati, OH

Michael Salvatori 3.41 Undeclared Orland Park, IL

Toller Starnes 3.41 Undeclared Shelby Township, MI

Kevin Zureki 3.30 Undeclared Dearborn, MI


Men's Golf


Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Brent Goulding 3.43 Physical Education Petersborough, Ontario

Jeff Mankiewicz 3.31 Political Science Whitelake, MI



Men's Swimming and Diving


Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Josh Bateman 3.39 Construction Mgmt. Kirkland, OH

Jon Breitigam 3.88 Undecided Fostoria, OH

Justin Breitigam 3.56 Undecided Fostoria, OH

Keith Falk 3.59 Undecided Livonia, MI

Sean Joyce 3.70 Computer Science Webster, NY

Jeff Luhn 3.29 Undecided Cincinnati, OH

Chad Nienhuis 3.61 Construction Mgmt. West Olive, MI


Men's Track & Field


Athlete GPA Major Hometown

Ryan Desgrange 3.57 Sports Medicine Liberty Center, OH

Okechukwu Eziuka 3.78 Communications Jos, Nigeria

Matt Grezlik 3.44 Criminal Justice South Lyon, MI

Marc Keast 3.23 Criminal Justice Wyandotte, MI

Paul Pobursky 3.58 Computer Info.Sys. Ida, MI

Blake McDowell 3.54 Accounting Info. Sys. Reynoldsburg, OH

Olayemi Olatunji 3.28 Computer Info, Sys. Nigeria

Antwon Morton 3.26 Sports Medicine Cleveland, OH

Joel David 3.69 Mathematics/Physics Wyoming, MI

Greg Miller 3.12 Management Shelby, OH

Sterling Roberts 3.96 History/Teaching Worthington, OH

Chris Samborn 3.16 Physical Education Dexter, MI

Matt Wehrman 3.05 Marketing Pinckney, MI



Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Courtney Huffman 3.75 Physical Education Homer, MI

Kara Kivi 3.89 Teacher Education Saline, MI

Sara Schaub 3.86 Accounting Huron, OH

Jen Allen 3.36 Sports Medicine Lake Fenton, MI



Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Tim Hoff 3.35 Undeclared Liberty Center, OH

Travis Kraft 3.05 Film/Telecommunications Bismark, ND

Zac Pyles 3.58 Undeclared Davison, MI


Women's Basketball

Athlete GPA Major Hometown

Dru Bishop 3.04 Undeclared Fenton, MI

Shani Charles 3.29 Sports Medicine Pickering, Ontario

Joni Daniels 3.02 Communications Lake Odessa, MI

Lauren Gedonius 3.83 Art Tinley Park ,IL

Kris Kachaturoff 3.55 Physical Education Dearborn, MI

Abby Wiseman 3.52 Secondary Education St. John's, MI

Kendra Yeo 3.34 Occupational Therapy Dublin, OH



Women's Golf

Athlete GPA Major Hometown

Devon Beveridge 3.14 Communications Vancouver, British Columbia

Jenny LaRocco 3.33 Marketing Michigan City, IN

Jasreen Nirmal 3.26 Biology Naimio, British Columbia

Andrea Schaffer 3.26 Biology Jackson, MI




Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Natalie Hashimoto 3.68 Undeclared Scarborough, Ontario

Catherine O'Keefe 3.75 Sports Medicine Indianapolis, IN

Sara Wasilenko. 3.89 Sports Medicine Rome, NY

Dana Stencel 3.73 Exercise Science Cheektowaga, NY

Lindsey Gamrod 3.04 Marketing Pittsburgh, PA

Kristen Totten 3.73 Physical Education Littlestown, PA

Chrissy Jones 3.29 Communications Medina, OH

Kristin Marringer 3.36 Exercise Science Valley City, OH

Carissa Schneider 3.63 Elementary Education Indianapolis, IN


Women's Soccer

Athlete GPA Major Hometown

Mary Achatz 3.41 Undeclared Ypsilanti, MI

Elizabeth Blaney 4.00 Undeclared Ashville, MI

Tracy Deeter 4.00 Math Findlay, OH

Brandy Jones 3.03 Teacher Education Englewood, OH

Amy Knechtly 3.59 Physical Education Newport, OH

Katie Kretschmer 3.62 Undeclared Troy, MI

Amanda Kulikowksi 3.82 Criminal Justice Dearborn, MI

Kate Lewis 3.23 Pre-Nursing Troy, MI

Megan Mahan 3.81 Teacher Education Dayton, OH

Emilie Meier 3.56 Teacher Education Plymouth, MI

Jenny Parviainen 3.58 Marketing Canton, MI

JoAnne Saltsman 3.75 Undeclared Sterling Heights, MI

Rachel Schmidt 3.75 Accounting Madison, WI

Courtney Sindelar 3.08 Undecided Potomac, MD

Stacie Tokasz 3.96 Pre-Engineering Elliott City, MD

Sarah Willis 3.13 Special Education Milan, MI


Men's Cross Country

Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Ryan Desgrange 3.48 Sports Medicine Liberty Center, OH

Blake McDowell 3.54 Accounting Reynoldsburg, OH

Paul Pobursky 3.62 Undeclared Ida, MI


Women's Cross Country

Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Sara DeBruyn 3.63 Nursing Traverse City, MI

Margaret Eifel 3.01 Public Relations Lakewood, OH

Emily Faber 3.56 History/Teaching Owosso, MI

Caroline Leven 3.88 Math, Elementary Educ. Flushing, MI

Tanya Matthews 3.76 Biology Corunna, MI

Alison Nichol 3.98 Sports Medicine Deckerville, MI

Kelly Passino 3.12 Social Work Pinckney, MI



Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Marla Otterbacker 3.93 Undecided Troy, MI

Crystal Thompson 3.11 Undecided San Diego, CA

Kristen Zabalavicius 3.52 Physical Education Eastpointe, MI



Women's Swimming and Diving

Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Susan Butcher 3.21 Finance Accounting Michigan City, IN

Angie Chessey 3.22 Undeclared Portland, ME

Karyn Coles 3.47 Mental Health Mason, MI

Sarah Conger 3.47 Occupational Therapy Harrison Township, MI

Abbey Cowen 3.33 Physical Education Grand Blanc, MI

Kimberly Ense 3.62 Physical Education Cincinnati, OH

Lisa Hanitz 3.47 Business Administration Orchard Park, NY

Alexandra Hlavacova 3.07 Biochemistry/Toxicology Bratislava, Slovakia

Althea Lim 3.46 Undecided Quezon City, Phillipines

Deanne McCarroll 3.93 Biology Shelby Township, MI

Emily McCarty 3.62 Nursing Ypsilanti, MI

Kelly McCarty 3.88 Mental Health Jenison, MI

Katie O'Dwyer 3.46 Social Studies/Teaching Mississauga, Ontario


Women's Tennis

Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Rebecca Hawkins 3.03 Undecided Gosford, Australia

Simone Duhme 3.75 Sports Medicine N. Nowra, Australia

Lisa D'Amelio 3.81 Undecided Melbourne, Australia

Shari Gamarnik 3.80 Undecided Plano, TX


Women's Track and Field

Athlete GPA Major Hometown


Margaret Ajayi 3.28 Psychology Milton, Ontario

Vesna Cadikovska 3.68 Sports Management Skopie, Macedonia

Lisa Cowdrey 4.00 Undecided Pinckney, MI

Sara DeBruyn 3.59 General Nursing Traverse City, MI

Ronique Keane-Dawes 3.93 Undecided Spanish Town, Jamaica

Kellie Kern 3.77 Undecided New Hudson, MI

Becky Leevey 3.03 Social Studies/Teaching Stryker, OH

Hanna Virtanen 3.93 Undecided Turku, Finland


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