June 20, 2000

CONTACT: Ward Mullens


YPSILANTI - Forty-seven Eastern Michigan University faculty members were promoted and twenty were granted tenure by the EMU Board of Regents at its regular meeting June 20.

Of the 20 newly-tenured faculty, 17 also were on the list of those promoted.

The faculty members promoted and their new titles are: Michael Angell, associate professor, biology (tenure); Kathleen Beauvais, professor, teacher education; Gianmario Besana, associate professor, mathematics (tenure); Jean Bush-Bacelis, professor, management; David Crary, associate professor, economics; Abdullah Dewan, professor, economics; Elizabeth Francis-Connolly, associate professor, associated health professions;; Beverley Goodman, associate professor, English language and literature (tenure); Dennis Grady, associate professor, communication and theatre arts (tenure); Tamara Greco, associate professor, biology (tenure); Rachel Brett Harley, professor, music; Augustine Ikeji, assistant professor, computer science; Giri Jogaratnam, associate professor, HECR (tenure); David Kass, associate professor biology (tenure); Vance Kennedy, associate professor, chemistry (tenure).

Also promoted were Linda Lewis-White, associate professor, teacher education (tenure); Roger Long, professor, history and philosophy; Peter Loughney, assistant professor, industrial technology; Kimberly Cole Luevano, associate professor, music (tenure); Gary McCombs, associate professor, accounting; Crystal Mills, professor, social work; Elizabeth Morgan, professor, foreign languages and bilingual studies; Olga Nelson, professor, teacher education; Judith Olson, associate professor, associated health professions; Steven Pernecky, associate professor, chemistry; David Pierce, professor, music; James Pinson, professor, English language and literature; Alice Jo Rainville, associate professor, HECR (tenure); Anita Rich, associate professor, communication and theatre arts (tenure); Lynne Rocklage, professor, special education.

In addition, these faculty members were promoted. Harash Sachdev, professor, marketing; Brian Schorn, associate professor, art (tenure); Denver Severt, associate professor, HECR (tenure); Weidian Shen, professor, physics and astronomy; Tony Shiue, professor, industrial technology; Pamela Speelman, professor, industrial technology; Richard Stahler-Sholk, associate professor, political science (tenure); Sue Stickel, professor, leadership and counseling; David Thomas, associate professor, HPERD (tenure); James Thornton, professor, economics; Tracy Tillman, professor, industrial technology; Roberto Torres, professor, associated health professions; Norman Tyler, professor, geography and geology; Silvia VonKluge, professor, psychology; Thomas Vosteen, professor, foreign languages and bilingual studies; Patricia Williams-Boyd, associate professor, teacher education (tenure); and Ian Wojcik-Andrews, professor, English language and literature.

The remaining individuals who received tenure appointments include: EMU President Samuel A. Kirkpatrick, professor, political science; Jamil Baghdachi, professor, interdisciplinary technology; and David Clifford, associate professor, associated health professions.