Nov. 27, 2002
CONTACT: Carol Anderson

Nathanson Discusses Contemporary Trends in Sculpture at EMU, Dec. 3

YPSILANTI – Whether it’s a traditional bronze stand-alone structure or the new interactive medium of video, sculpture is an art form that is rapidly changing. Eastern Michigan University will welcome Jeff Nathanson, president and executive director of the International Sculpture Center, who will present “Defining Sculpture: A Discussion for the Twenty-first Century” Tuesday, Dec. 3, 8 p.m., in 107-108 Ford Hall. The public is invited to this free lecture.

“Sculpture is a dynamic field. It’s more complex than three or four decades ago and has become an umbrella for non two-dimensional art,” said Nathanson.

He cites the “Tower of Light” tribute to the World Trade Center as an example of the revolution in art caused by technology. Light has become a new medium for sculpture, he said.

“Sculpture has become more interactive. You can walk into sculpture, include animals and use bulldozers to create large-scale structures. There’s a lot going on. The definition of sculpture is expanding,” said Julie Myers, EMU professor of art history.

Prior to his current position at the ISC, Nathanson was executive director of the Richmond Art Center in the San Francisco Bay area. He received the Arts Recognition Award from the Contra Costa County Arts Commission in 1999.

Nathanson travels abroad frequently to monitor international developments in sculpture. For the past 20-years, he has been a curator of contemporary art exhibitions at galleries in the San Francisco Bay area.

The ISC is the nerve center for sculptors in the United States, said Myers. It promotes the understanding and advancement of sculpture, and its contribution to society. Among it activities, the ISC organizes international sculpture conferences, publishes Sculpture Magazine and hosts juried exhibitions. For more information, contact Myers at 487.1213 or John DeHoog at 487.0192.