Nov. 19, 2002
CONTACT: Ward Mullens

Eastern Michigan University Regents
Approve Appropriation Request for Fiscal Year 2004

YPSILANTI - The Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents approved a fiscal year 2004 state appropriation request strategy at its regular meeting, Nov. 19.

The University’s 2004 appropriation request includes: identifying $11,759,830 in resource needs; requesting a continuation budget from the state with an appropriation equal to 2003 and 2002 levels ($87,637,200); asking the state to give serious consideration to funding enrollment growth ($2.8 million); and acknowledgement of the historical, positive effect increased appropriations have had on minimizing tuition rates, as well as the significant return on investment that appropriating funds to public universities has provided to the state.

“The University recognizes the fiscal challenges that the state is facing and therefore is not asking for an increase, but that funding be maintained at existing levels,” said Patrick Doyle, vice president for business and finance at EMU.

“One of the guiding principles of the University’s mission is affordability,” said Doyle. “Eastern Michigan University ranks 10th lowest in tuition and fee costs of the 15 Michigan universities (in state, 30 credit hour fiscal year equated student).” [President’s Council of State Universities of Michigan Dec. 2001]

In an effort to help promote access, Doyle said the University has increased student financial aid more than 33 percent in two years and is actively pursuing cost avoidance issues.

To date, more than $1 million has been secured in cost avoidance and saving, Doyle said. Examples include advance purchase of natural gas, lighting retrofits and building controls, phone service cost reduction and consolidation of health-care plans.

Doyle said the University is asking for enrollment growth to be considered in order to maintain constant funding per student. EMU’s enrollment has increased 1.5 percent from fall of 2001. But with flat state appropriations, the funding per student has decreased.

The request establishes the initial resource planning parameters for 2003-04, Doyle said. The purpose is to identify the fiscal needs of the University for the Office of the State Budget. It does not preempt the Board of Regent’s approval of the operating budget that is under development for the June 2003 Board meeting, added Doyle.

“EMU remains committed to providing the best college education possible while continuing to make affordability a priority,” said Doyle.