October 18, 2001

CONTACT: Ward Mullens





YPSILANTI - Seven professors of Eastern Michigan University were honored at the 11th annual Teaching Excellence Awards, Oct. 13 at McKenny Union. The event was hosted by the EMU Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations.

"Each one of these recipients embody the spirit of brilliance in higher education that we strive to perfect," said Dr. Samuel A. Kirkpatrick, president of EMU. "The requirements of an excellent teacher are simple to understand, but difficult to fulfill. The teacher must possess a comprehensive knowledge of their subject field and they must organize and present the subject matter effectively. They must challenge student to think critically and creatively, and they must encourage students to open their minds. The teacher must engage students and arouse their interest in the topic. Finally, a good teacher must make good use of all resources available to them. This year's winners embody all of these qualities, making them not only good teachers, but excellent teachers."

A faculty member, nominated by current and former students, from each of the five colleges is honored. Because of the size of EMU's College of Arts and Sciences, three faculty members are honored.

Those honored were:

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest at Eastern Michigan University, hosting 17 departments and one program, and providing a variety of graduate degrees and specializations.

Dr. Jamin Eisenbach, of Ypsilanti, biology. Dr. Eisenbach has a bachelor's degree from Cornell University, and master's and doctoral degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. Since 1990, Dr. Eisenbach has been successfully presenting biology, ecology, environmental studies and more to majors and non-majors alike. His EMU honors include the EMU Equity Program Faculty Award, 1993; Mortar Board EMU Chapter Excellence in Teaching, 1993; and the EMU Faculty Recognition Award, 1992.

Dr. Gary L. Evans, Manchester, Michigan, communication and theatre arts. Evans has a bachelor's degree from Wayne State University, and master's and doctoral degrees from the University of Michigan. EMU's Outstanding Faculty Member of 1967 hasn't lost his touch&emdash;or his commitment to students. In 1999, Evans was awarded EMU's Distinguished Faculty Teaching II Award; and in 1998 he was honored with a Distinguished Senior Faculty Award.

Dr. Thomas P. Hennings, of Ypsilanti, English language and literature. Hennings has a bachelor's from Mt. St. Mary's College, master's from John Carroll University and a doctoral degree from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Hennings chaired the Literature department from 1993-96. He also acted as the department advisor from 1974-2001, receiving the Department Advisor Award in 2000.


College of Business

The College of Business prepares students for careers in business by providing professionally accredited programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as offering professional development education to the business community.

Dr. Joseph L. Braden, of Ann Arbor, marketing. Dr. Braden has a bachelor's degree from Purdue University, and master's and doctoral degrees from Indiana University. Honors include three Faculty Achievement Awards (1979, 1990, 1991); Gold Medallion Award Winner, 1997, University Marketing and Student Affairs; and Administrator of the Year, 1973. Dr. Braden has been teaching sales techniques, sales management, marketing, marketing research and more at EMU since 1970.


College of Technology

The College of Technology provides a variety of educational programs leading to baccalaureates and advanced degrees that are responsive to domestic and international work-force needs.

Dr. Carol J. Haddad, of Detroit, interdisciplinary technology. Dr. Haddad has a bachelor's degree from Wayne State University, a master's from The University of Massachusetts, and a doctorate from The University of Michigan. Added to a lengthy list of campus and community service activities are the many grants and awards Dr. Haddad has earned. These include a $297,000 grant from the NIST-MEP for a study of

union leaders' awareness of regional manufacturing extension center services; three Spring-Summer EMU Faculty Research Awards and a Canadian Studies Faculty Research Award.

Dr. Haddad has been with the College of Technology's Interdisciplinary Technology Program since 1993.


College of Education

For more than 150 years, the College of Education at EMU has played a major state and national role in the preparation of teachers, other school personnel and related professionals.

Dr. Robert D. Kreger, of Ann Arbor, special education. With his varied teaching experiences, bachelor's and master's from EMU and a doctorate from the University of Michigan, Dr. Kreger is well-prepared to share his expertise with future special educators. He received the Exemplary Faculty Fellowship Award from EMU's Student Government Association in 2001, and was designated as Faculty Fellow for the Office of Academic Service-Learning at EMU in 1995-96.


College of Health and Human Services

The College of Health and Human Services provides tomorrow's social services professionals with the appropriate combination of knowledge and skills to enable them to enhance the quality of life and facilitate social change.

Dr. Sandra L. Nelson, nursing. Dr. Nelson has a bachelor's degree from Eastern Michigan University, master's from Wayne State University and a doctoral degree from Michigan State University. "Her service to EMU and the community reflects her deep commitment to the development and mentoring of populations at risk and those who must care for them," stated one of her nomination letters. "A medical field facing a critical shortage can count on Dr. Nelson to train graduates who will become assets to the mental health community."