July 14, 2003
Contact: Pamela Young

Eastern Michigan to remove nearly 70 dead, diseased trees

YPSILANTI – With the emerald ash borer attacking ash trees in southeastern Michigan, homeowners aren’t the only ones being affected.
Eastern Michigan University will soon hire a professional tree service to remove approximately 70 diseased and dead trees on its main campus.

“We regret that we’re losing these trees but we have to take them down because they are diseased or dead. We are not removing any healthy trees,” said Melinda Ostrander, director of grounds, motor pool and custodial services at Eastern Michigan University.

Approximately 50 pine trees, near the University’s parking structure and the Pine Grove apartments, have pine blight, according to Ostrander. Several maples, elms and poplars have also died.

“There are also 13 large ash trees at Pine Grove and Cornell Court apartments that fell victim to the Emerald Ash Borer,” she said.
The trees are scheduled to be removed within the next two weeks.