Oct. 6, 2003
CONTACT: Ward Mullens

'Yo Dude' Takes Yo-Yos to New Heights During EMU’s Family Day, Oct. 11

YPSILANTI – Yo-Yos, those simple and small round wooden toys, have evolved. Now they’re made of high-tech plastic or aluminum, and are made by companies with names like Pro Yo, Turbo Bumblebee and Yomega Raider. What never changes is people gathering to watch a yo-yo master at work. (Or is it play?)

Work or play, there will be quite a crowd at Eastern Michigan University’s annual Family Day, Saturday, Oct. 11, noon-4 p.m., at EMU’s main campus in Ypsilanti. EMU alumnus Dennis Grzesiak, a.k.a. the Yo Dude, will demonstrate yo-yo techniques old and new—like Cold Fusion, the Gyroscopic Flop and the Double Helicopter—using both traditional and high-tech yo-yos.

Grzesiak, of Oxford, MI, has been teaching yo-yo tricks and participating in yo-yo competitions for more than 46 years.
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