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VERY HELPFUL. Visiting the Writing Center helped me make final revisions to my poster that I had missed when I wrote my project.

- EMU Student, Junior


It was very helpful and I was wondering why I didn't come here before.

- EMU Student, Junior


I love the Writing Center. It is very helpful to me and to other people I know who attend. I love that its free because it's a resource we all need and one that we can use even everyday if we choose.

- EMU Student, Freshman


I am writing to explain what the University Writing Center [Online] has done for me. This year marked my first year of college at a 4 year university. Upon starting my 1st class, I was very concerned about the writing projects required. I had never wrote a paper before, not to mention I had never even looked at what APA format was. For a moment, I considered dropping from the program. After hearing the college had a writing center, my fears were lessened. I have used the online writing center many times so far this year and gained much knowledge. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff, I am proud to say I am completing the semester with a 93% overall grade for my writing.

- Lisa, Sophomore


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