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UWCO Policies and Guidelines 

By using the UWCO, you agree to the following policies and guidelines:

  1. We can only accept papers (or portions of a paper) up to 5 pages in length (i.e. 1,500 words).
  2. We cannot respond to writers whose deadlines fall within the allowed turnaround time (i.e. 48 or 72 hours).
  3. Fill out the submission form carefully and completely. Submissions with incomplete forms will be returned.
  4. We can only accept one paper from a student per week.
  5. Please limit your areas of concern to 2-3 primary concerns. We will spend approximately one hour commenting on your paper, and cannot comment on everything.
  6. We are not a proofreading or editing service. We concentrate our comments on providing focused strategies for development and revision.
  7. Due to staffing limitations, we must reserve the option to reduce or restrict the availability of this service at any time.

 How to submit a paper

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