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Applying For Your Benefits

Your Guide to Applying for Your Military Veterans Benefits at EMU

Getting Started

This checklist and our staff are here to assist you in acquiring your Veterans Education benefits so you will get the maximum amount of aid for funding your education. Checklist

1. Apply for Admission to Eastern Michigan University Before you begin pursuing financial benefits, you'll want to make sure you've applied to the University. Visit the Admissions web site at Http://www.emich.edu/admissions.  Eastern Michigan waives the application fee for military veterans. If you  have never attended a college or univeristy you should apply as a freshman (although you will get transfer credit for your military training. If you have attended a college or university before you will apply as a transfer student.

2. Obtain Academic Transcripts From Previous Institutions To earn transfer credit from coursework completed prior to attending Eastern Michigan University, collect your transcripts from previous colleges and any military institutions that can be considered for EMU credit.   Provide copies of your military transcripts and your DD 214 discharge documents to the EMU Office of Admissions for evaluation.

If you are applying as an undergraduate student your transcripts from other schools should be sent to:   PO Box 921, Ypsilanti MI  48197

If you already have a degree and are applying to graduate programs transcripts from other schools should be sent to:  PO Box 970, Ypsilanti, MI  48197

Your military transcripts can be requested online at the links below:

Army, Navy, Marine Transcript (Joint Services Transcript)
Community College of the Air Force Transcript Request Forms (CCAR)
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

3. Apply for Financial Aid  Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to apply for financial aid. Even, if you qualify for the Post 911 GI Bill at 100% which will cover tuition and fees and a living allowance, you may, at times, be short of funds or have unexpected costs associate with being a student.  You may qualify for  a PELL Grant or other gift aid (aid that does not need to be re-paid)  You can find all the information for applying on the EMU Financial Aid home page The institution code for EMU is 002259. 

4. Make an Advising Appointment Once admitted you will be notified  by letter and possibly phone, to make an appointment for Academic Advising by calling University Advising and Career Development Center at 734-487-0400.  Meeting with an academic advisor early in the course scheduling process can save you a lot of time, energy, and mistakes. Advisors can help you plan a manageable course load that meets your specific academic needs.  They can also assist you in ensuring that all the courses for which you will request GI Bill funding apply to your degree plan. This is a Veterans Affairs requirement in order to receive benefits. Your initial meeting with an academic advisor will be part of your orientation program. Following this meeting, you will enroll in classes.

5. Register for Classes  Once you have set up your  my.emich account and have attended an advising session you will be able to register for classes using the web.

6. Attend Orientation Student Orientation is a great opportunity for you to get better acclimated with the university and its policies. Also, this is an opportunity to gain a sense of the organizations and activities you'd like to be involved in as a student.

7. Apply for Veterans Affairs Benefits There are many benefit programs available to veterans. Visit the official GI Bill Web site to go through a step-by-step process to get an idea of what benefits are best for you, or contact us and we can guide you through the process.  You will find it easier to complete the application for benefits if you have a copy of your DD214 to reference your dates of military experience.  You will need to complete one of the following forms online through the Veterans Affairs' VONAPP Web siteIt may take 8 weeks to process your initial application for education benefits.  So you should start this process as soon as you know when you plan to attend, even if you have not been admitted yet.

VA Form 22-1990:Initial Application for Education Benefits for military members or veterans (Chapters 30, 33, 1606, or 1607)    

VA Form 22-1990e: For dependents to whom Post 9/11 GI Bill eligibility has been transferred (Chapter 33)    

VA Form 22-5490: For children of disabled veterans applying initially for the Dependent Education Assistance Program (Chapter 35)    

VA Form 22-1995: Change in Program/Place of Training, for those who have used the GI Bill at another institution    

VA Form 22-5495: Change of Place of Training, for those who have used Chapter 35 benefits at another institution    

If you've been discharged from active duty, you will need to provide your VA official with your DD 214. If you have a Notice of Basic Eligibility or College Fund/Kicker Contract from the National Guard or reserves, be sure to submit a copy of these forms to Veterans Support Services as well. Usually there is an 8- to 12-week wait before you actually receive your benefits. Once they arrive, you'll have to verify your enrollment monthly via phone at 877-823-2378 [Call: 877-823-2378] or online at the GI Bill Web site. Be sure to contact your VA certifying official if you have any changes in enrollment status.

8. Visit the Military Veterans Resource Center In order to receive your benefits, you must contact our office. We'll need to collect some information based on your service and benefits. This step lets us know to report your information to Veterans Affairs to complete the process.  Each semester when you register for classes you will need to complete the Online Request for Enrollment Certification to let us know you want to use your benefits.

9.  Request to Have Your Enrollment Certified to the VA Once you are registered for classes you will need to let us know you are ready to have your enrollment certified to the VA.  You do this EVERY semester as soon as your schedule is set by completing the Online  Enrollment Certification Request Form 

Keep in mind  Your VA benefits can be used only for classes that are required for graduation in your program of study, It takes time to verify the status of your classes, so seeking advising prior to registration, registering as soon as you are eligible and completing the Online Request for Online for Enrollment Certification as soon as you are confident that your schedule is set is the best way to ensure that your benefits are paid in a timely manner.

Some other reminders: 

You must alert us when you add or drop classes so we can update your enrollment certification

If you fail or withdraw from classes you may incur an overpayment and subsequent debt

If you earn an incomplete in a class, it must be completed within a year or it will result in an overpayment and subsequent debt.


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