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Making EMU Better (series)

Jess Klein

Jess Klein makes EMU better through the Women's Resource Center. (1:34 min)

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Title Length Description
Making EMU Better Intro2:16Introduction video on the "Making EMU Better" program.
Bill Miller1:44Bill Miller talks about the task of making people happy through course and program development.
Dontayo Gage1:18Dontayo Gage makes EMU better as an intern in sports marketing.
Diana Wong1:47Diana Wong makes EMU better by helping professionals transition from large corporations to small business opportunities.
Jess Klein1:34Jess Klein makes EMU better through the Women's Resource Center.
Dave Coverly1:39Dave Coverly talks about making the symposium and how much he loves EMU
Anne Seaman1:50Ann Seaman makes EMU better through CSIE, which gives students a giant boost in the sciences.
Howard Booth2:02Howard Booth establishes the Essay Rewrite Project to significantly improve the essay capabilities of biology students.
Caroline Sanders1:34Caroline Sanders makes EMU better as regional manager for the EMU Detroit campus.
Gretchen Ward1:41Gretchen Ward describes how students are served by the one-stop-shop that is Service EMU.