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Elisabeth Däumer


614R Pray-Harrold



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MA Indiana University 1980
PHD Indiana University 1989

Interests and Expertise

My background is in modern poetry and literary theory.  I wrote my dissertation on the American poet T. S. Eliot and his mother and am recently very involved in the work of the Jewish American poet Muriel Rukeyser.
As a graduate student at Indiana University I joined the Feminist Teacher Collective and helped in the production of the journal.  Issues of feminist pedagogy and theory continue to be very much at the forefront of my thinking.

Publications and Presentations

Co-editor.  The Feminist Teacher Anthology.  New York: Teachers College Press of Columbia Univ., 1998.

“Queer Ethics; or, the Challenge of Bisexuality to Lesbian Ethics.” Hypatia 7.4 (Fall 1992): 92-105.  Reprinted in Adventures in Lesbian Philosophy, ed. by Claudia Card (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994), pp. 98-111.

“Charlotte Stearns Eliot and Ash-Wednesday’s Lady of Silences.”  English Literary History 65 (1998): 479-501.

“Vipers, Viragos, and Spiritual Rebels: Women in T. S. Eliot’s Christian Society Plays.”  In T. S. Eliot: Gender, Sexuality, Desire.  Ed. Cassandra Laity and Nancy Gish. London: Cambridge UP, 2004. 234-53.

“Remodernizing T. S. Eliot: Eva Hesse and Das Wüste Land.”  The International Reception of T. S. Eliot, ed. Elisabeth Däumer and Shyamal Bagchee.  London and New York: Continuum Press, 2007.

Created website for Muriel Rukeyser at murielrukeyser.emuenglish.org

Courses Taught

  • WGST 443: Women and Literature
  • WGST 450: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
  • WGST 592: Women and the Long Poem

The Women's and Gender Studies Department is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold, 734.487.4344